SideReel Drama Club: FNL Season 1, Eps 19-22 Reviewed

Well, Drama Clubbers, this is it! We're wrapping up Friday Night Lights Season 1 this week and what a season!

I really enjoyed these last four episodes - each one left me dying to know what would happen next, including of course the finale!

The big issue of these final episodes was Coach Taylor's offer to go coach at TMU for the next season. It was tough to see Eric pulled so much toward his career dream with this job, yet pulled back by what he knew his family wanted, plus having the guilt of leaving the Panthers after such a rough yet great year.

I was really feeling for Julie as she wanted so badly to be heard that it wasn't really fair to her that she's always moved, and now she finally feels like she has a life and she's home, and she's being told she's moving again.

And then Tami is so connected to these kids, and so is Eric... I didn't want him to give up his dream at all, yet when you have a family, you've basically already made the decision that you have to work these things out together.

I was saddened to hear Tami's suggestion that she and Julie stay in Dillon while Coach Taylor took the job for the sake of Eric forced into feeling bad about that, but then I also liked what that compromise would give Tami and Julie.

Sure, Julie and Matt may not be in love forever, but Julie also has gotten settled, has some good friends for probably the first time, and is in love for the first time and being pulled away from that at such a young age would be pretty damaging.

So while all this drama was going on, we had the Panthers adjusting to a new home-made field that actually led them to making State, plus troubles for Lyla and Jason as she caught him kissing the new girl, and Tyra getting attacked in a rape attempt at a cafe.

Wow! It was hard to see Tyra feel so bad about this situation - though it was never said, it seemed as if she didn't want to say anything about it because in that town, she and her family have the reputation as the bad, slutty girls and hey, who says she didn't provoke the guy? And well, I can't blame her for not wanting to hear that from anyone.

Plus, we had Tim being adorable being buddies with his kid next door neighbor, and getting himself in way over his head by sleeping with the single mom. But this is a Tim I like - sure, he's not exactly being smart, but he's being interesting, sober, and not causing Lyla or Tyra trouble when they need to move on.

As for Lyla and Jason, I don't see how things can work out at this point, at least for quite a while. It's great to see Jason finding his place as the Panthers' assistant coach, but he's still lost in many areas of his life, including who he really wants to be. This is not gelling well at all with everything Lyla has going on since with her family falling apart, she needs a good loyal supporter who can focus on her.

Besides these twists and turns, the biggest ones came in the finale after Eric agreed to TMU without Tami being thrilled about it, so then when it came to State, Coach Taylor was keeping his mouth shut about the new job which didn't work out. A reporter stepped cornered him into saying he'd accepted the TMU job, leaving all his players to be pissed off... right in time for their biggest game ever.

Oh, and by the by, Tami found out she's pregnant! So much for staying behind in Dillon... or maybe that means Eric will feel that's actually the better choice!

We were left with the excitement of the Panthers big win, but then the cliffhanger for the Taylor family of baby + 3 = what??

While this exciting end wraps up our Drama Club Reviews, I encourage any of you watching along to dig right in to Season 2!

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