How will the Oceanic 6 Come to Be?

*Cabin Fever Spoilers Included!*

Lost has officially befuddled my brain. Actually it did years ago, but re-officially with tonight's "Cabin Fever" episode!

So now we've seen the helicopter return to the island, and as we've already found out, these guys coming to the island does not mean rescue.

But in the preview for next week, we see the Oceanic 6 "announced" and possibly actually arriving off the island - is this a flash forward or are we catching up to the flash forwards?

I'm going to guess this announcement can't be "real time" with all that seems to need to happen first, but whether it's "real" or a "flash forward," how on earth will the Oceanic 6 become the Oceanic 6, the only Oceanic survivors "rescued" from the island?

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Default avatar cat
May 9, 2008 8:20AM EDT

I think that's a flash foward to show the 6 returning to the USA and the next episode will be John finding out how to 'move' the island.....that baffled me too Kendra!! Does it have a big motor or something?!?
I would say the end of this season will be a bleak ending that the marimes are going to kill everyone...but then the Others come out of the Temple and kick their asses, what do you think?
Too many questions:-
1. What was Claire doing in the cabin?
2. Where does Hurley keep getting the candy bars?
3. Who does the tall black man work for? Is he one of the others or does he work for Widmore?

Default avatar cat
May 9, 2008 11:47AM EDT

1. Claire looked like she was drugged. Or maybe she's dead.2. Never underestimate the power of pockets.3. Matthew Abaddon aka tall black man, I think works for Widmore, because he talked Naomi through what she had to do soon after she was hired, and he knows the whereabouts of the island survivors (not just the Oceanic 6 but Ben too).This season focuses mainly on the freighters. But don't forget, there's still SO much more we need to learn about, like the Dharma Initiative and the Hanso Foundation.Also, Cabin Fever suggests the island is in the future (the dead doctor), however, when Daniel requested the capsule, it came half an hour LATER.??????

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May 9, 2008 3:55PM EDT

Well, I remember somehow learning that Claire and Jack are brother/sister, so her presence in the cabin makes a lot of sense. What it actually means, I don't know. They always do a nice job of leaving me with more questions than I had originally!

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May 9, 2008 6:14PM EDT

this lost theory i read a few weeks ago has seem to be answering a few questions, yet i am still very confused about the entire lot, but with 1 episode pulling up the doctor with a slit throat and the next episode showing the same doctor getting his throat slit, after someone said that the last message they recieved from the island was about the doctor, this theory is starting to appear quite true, if you don't understand how i mean check it out for yourself be careful though, you may be frying your own brain trying to make sense of it, but the part of there being a bubble round the island as some sort of time rift gate whatever with a gaping hole at 305 degrees on the compass makes the show make a tiny bit more sensebut still is confusing and theres probably writers from NASA or something, thinking of some way to turn everything around away from this guess is after the show has finished they'll have to make a special season for it, explaining every tiny part of the show including hugo's candy bars

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May 11, 2008 12:52PM EDT

I definitely think Claire is dead. I think she died in the explosion but has somehow been brought back. Just like her and Jack's dad, he was dead in a coffin on flight 187 but now he's walking around giving orders to Locke.
There's a lot of messed up stuff going on. We figure out the Island exists in the future somehow, yet time passes faster off the Island. (The Doctor)

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