Learn More About SyFy's New Drama And 'BSG' Spinoff 'Caprica'

Long ago, in a popular culture period far, far away, to watch or read science fiction was synonymously tied to the then derogatory term of 'geek'. Now that stereotype has somewhat weakened. One of the many reasons for this change was the Ron Moore reimagining of 'Battlestar Galactica' in 2004. 'BSG' was a hit not just amongst the typical sci-fi fan base, as it is most commonly discussed as a space opera, but to more non-traditional fans. When 'Heroes' debuted on NBC it was a break in network format. Many questioned why it was not to air on the sister channel, then, Sci-Fi, and spurred discourse on the location of the line between 'acceptable sci-fi for a larger demographic' and 'sci-fi for the sci-fi cult demographic'.

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