Royal Pains Season 1, Episode 8: 'The Honeymoon's Over' Review - Featured

This week on Royal Pains' 'The Honeymoon's Over,' we got the fun guest stars of House's Peter Jacobson and swimsuit supermodel Brooklyn Decker as a newlywed couple with Jacobson's character as a new HankMed patient.

Also, we had Hank spending most of his case-work time on a separate case of a children's book illustrator with a heart problem who Hank accidentally poached from Jill's hospital.

While both of these cases were interesting, I felt like the transitions between the two were much more choppy than usual on RP episodes when there has been more than one case.

It seemed like the storyline with Jacobson and Decker was going to be the focus of the episode, but the illustrator ended up having a much more complex and dramatic storyline.

Also, not only did that storyline steal the drama for the episode, but the case including Jacobson's pain in his nether-regions barely included Hank, and seemed entirely for the purpose of giving Divya more medical props on the show.

Jacobson's character, Alan, was distrustful of Divya's medical skills since she doesn't have a degree, and as he pointed out, her name is not Hank, and he expected to get a doctor named Hank from HankMed. How clever. But after Hank made one appearance to check out Alan who was refusing a full exam from Divya, it became clear that Divya did know what she was talking about as she filled in the blanks for Hank and it seemed she would have made the same well-informed diagnosis.

So, yea, Divya is a good doctor as well as an assistant to a doctor. But I felt like we already knew that. Maybe this was just to give us more confidence in having Divya on her own cases now and then to add more to the plot, but if it's not leading to something more, this case seemed a little pointless besides the guest stars and the bizarre jungle bug diagnosis.

As for the non-medical side of the episode, Hank and Jill dealt with being kind of broken up while still running into each other a number of times with Hank needing to visit the hospital, etc. I was happy to see them taking things slower since they did both recently have serious relationships fall apart, but it became pretty clear in this episode that it was not that exciting to have the tension between them when they've now already gotten to the hook-up then backed down again.

So luckily while they're still figuring things out, the flame between them is strong enough to give us sweet and sexy moments like right at the end of the episode when Hank visited Jill in her office to chat about the children's book he sent her (by the illustrator he nabbed). The sweet gift led Jill to locking up her office, closing the blinds, and them going at it in a properly sweet yet sexy (and appropriate) way for the good name of USA Network.

It looks like next week Hank and Jill haven't determined they're back together, but they'll keep working through it, with the extra complication of Jill's ex appearing back at the hospital! While I don't want them both to drag out their pasts to a painful degree, I'm very curious to get a better peek at who Jill was before Hank came around, beyond just being a passionate hospital employee. Hopefully we'll also get more insight into Divya's relationship and the Boris situation as well!


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