90210 'Games People Play': And the Winner Is?

*Spoiler included for "Games People Play"*

Well, it's about time, 90210. For goodness sake, get dramatic already. Okay, so 90210 has been fantasically teen-dramatastic since it began, but this week's "Games People Play" brought the kind of drama real high schoolers actually experience... and then some!

Most high schoolers don't experience their new friend who's found out they're with her ex then flying in their ex just to mess with their head and make out with him... yeah, I'm confused. But oh, what a joyous average high school experience it is to screw over a friend over a guy, get screwed over by a friend for a guy, and not realize what a gigantic mess of hurting everyone you've gotten into until far too late... but luckily for the likes of Naomi and Annie, right when they were realizing how hurt they were and how much they actually hurt each other, their shared estranged brother showed up!

But hot brother drama aside, what did you think of Naomi's little birthday games? Did Annie deserve everything she got? Can they call it even after a little more reasonable discussion, or should we declare a winner and call it over, or does this mean all-out war?

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Default avatar cat
Nov 12, 2008 12:58AM EST

Nice review type thing.This episode was SO MUCH DRAMAand omgsh the brother - HOT AS!! army guy as well!!
I don't think Annie deserved it that bad, nor (hot) Jason. After all, Naomi was basically mind-f*cking her, toying with her emotions every attempt Annie made.Naomi is just sick, and old... 16 years old my ass ahhaha

Default avatar cat
Nov 12, 2008 1:34AM EST

what they're supposed to be 16?!?!
The Naomi girl looks like she's ready to graduate with at least a Bachelor's Degree.
Though I understand why Naomi would do that. Pretty screwed up to take up with the your "friend's" ex even when he cheated on her.
THe show looks honestly ridiculous and mental.

Default avatar cat
Nov 12, 2008 12:45PM EST

Even though Naomi is a vindictive bitch, it's not like Annie didn't have it coming. It was *so* cliche how Annie kept saying that she would tell Naomi about her and Nathan, "really! I WILL, I'm just waiting for the right time!" and in the meantime, of course, Naomi sees them secretly making out, TWICE, which makes Annie look like a real backstabber. So I can understand why Naomi did, having nothing but what she witnessed to go on.I felt bad for Annie tho, up til the point where she walks in on Jason and Naomi making out (which she had coming to her fair and square, if you ask me) and actually cries and says "how could you DO this to me?!"Seriously? SERIOUSLY? At that moment she sounded like a self-victimizing hypocrit and I lost all sympathy for her.What was great about the hot brother walking into the show, was that he did right at that moment where Annie and Naomi were having their biggest fight. Because his presence brings that fact that they are kind of like sisters to our (and their!) attention, so: great ending.

Large newrachelimage
Nov 12, 2008 2:18PM EST

Ah, the drama!I don't think Annie really should have been all that mad...but when looking at the two girls, Naomi's actions were definitely more evil. When defending her own cause, Annie should remember to point out that she did in fact already date Ethan way back when...in fact, before Naomi did so...However, in a battle, I'd definitely always wage my bets on Naomi. That girl is crazy!

Default avatar cat
Nov 12, 2008 4:33PM EST

i agree with faye-lynn...what an ending... its like they were being set up to have an allout war but right when the brother walked in..... like total "oh my god we have to play nice now"

Default avatar cat
Nov 19, 2008 12:44AM EST

Annie is annoying. I just don't like her. Terrible acting. Anyways, it's annoying that she is playing the victim card and the I'm good cause I'm from Kansas act when she clearly had some of those things coming to her. Yes, she was mindfucked with, but she was dished what she gave out. And it's understandable why Naomi, although her actions were not justified, would be upset. I mean, Annie was upset when Naomi kissed Jason.
Additionally Ethan also annoys me. It seems as though because they are the protagonists of the show, Annie and Ethan, all bad deeds go un-noticed and they appear victimized. Annie did date Ethan and lied about it despite protests from Naomi, what a month after wanting to lose her virginity to that really cute guy. Ethan did cheat on Naomi, lied about it and hit on her new friend.

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