American Idol: The Shocking Top 8 Elimination!

While the American Idol eliminations so far haven't been totally predictable, they've made a good amount of sense, though we've loved and lost along the way so far.

And, as an aside here, doesn't it seem a little odd and inappropriate for the group to be rocking out the Christian songs like they did for last night's opening?

Sure, it's about the music, and that was probably meant as support for Idol Gives Back week, but it seems odd to have a group of 8 people on a national TV show who probably have different backgrounds told they're praising Jesus at the beginning of the show... but, hey, a show's a show, and it's just music... right?

But onto the total shock of the night! Ryan cleverly mixed things up by bringing out all the contestants who were safe one by one, right in a row. This of course was just lots of fun as with every person who didn't do so hot, we thought, "ahhh, this will be the first of the bottom three," but then one after another, they just kept being safe.

The madness! We were then left with the final three all together back stage - Syesha, who's become slightly familiar with the bottom three, Carly who's become a little familiar, and Michael Johns who was hitting the bottom for the first time and was quite a surprise!

Then... to the total shock and awe of the crowd, the contestants, and the judges, Michael Johns was eliminated... for real, even after Ryan teased with the fact that they didn't eliminate the bottom contestant last year during Idol Gives Back.

How did this happen?? Michael is completely amazing, but I think his fatal flaw was not standing out enough, but I didn't think that would hit him for a little while longer. And how, America, how is it that half tone-deaf Kristy Lee Cook survives after being on the bottom three weeks and weeks in a row, and beats out a guy with an actually incredible voice??

Maybe more people are voting in for others they like more, so Michael was sliding by, but any way about it, it was definitely a huge upset this week and a big reality check for the rest of these contestants.

As if the tension weren't high enough on elimination nights - now they know that even if they've been safe all along, bam, they could just go!

Well, those we have left have really made a place for themselves in the competition besides Syesha, so we'll just keep on expecting her to go, but now apparently America is fickle, so who knows.

But what I do know is that I am disappointed, America. Dis.a.pointed. You think about what you've done, Idol voters... you think!

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Apr 14, 2008 12:51PM EDT

As a staunch supporter of the seperation between church and pop I must agree that the Jesus music was inappropriate, though I'm sure a number of the remaining contestants were all too willing. No doubt the odd pagan was too politic to protest.I was furious over Ryan's dangling of the amnesty carrot. The psychological torture these contestants are subjected to rivals anything at Abu Ghraib.To answer your question, the reason Kristy Lee prevailed over Michael is that she's a cute little American girl who found her niche singing jingoistic tripe like that Lee Greenwood song while he's an Australian immigrant karaoke singer who is consistantly out-classed in the rock department by that other Cook, David.Another factor is performance order. The last several eliminations appeared early in the previous episode and America's memory is notoriously short.The good news is that I don't think you'll have to wait long to be rid of Syesha. Simon has revoked her free pass and I'm sure the viewers will soon catch on.


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Apr 16, 2008 1:13PM EDT

That's interesting that the last eliminations have been those who performed early on - I wonder if those who perform later stick in voters' heads better when it comes to voting at the end of the show. Apparently the recap just doesn't cut it! I think Kristy may have run out of her lucky streak this week with her Mariah Carey performance, but I guess we'll see if her good ol' American girl-ness can hang on a while longer, ugh.

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