The Office: Dinner Party Fiasco of the Century

Calling last night's return of The Office a "Dinner Party" fiasco turned out to be a bit of an understatement!

Only on The Office could we have such an awkward and dull dinner party turn into a more awkward and painful domestic disturbance with police involvement and a Dundee as the weapon of choice!

Usually on shows like this, if you take the group out of their element like the office here, things just don't jive as well. But especially this season, The Office has certainly proven that they can do comedy just as well, if not better, out of their element.

So, we started out with Michael's "genius" plan of pretending like they all had to work late on a Friday, so they couldn't have any plans. Then Michael fake yelled at corporate to get them out of it, then roped Jim and Pam into his couples dinner party since they of course didn't have any plans.

Off to a great start already. Then of course the dinner party got off to a super start with the crazy awkward tour Jan and Michael gave Jim and Pam of their condo, complete with Jan's creepy candle workplace and Michael demonstrating where he slept - on a bench at the end of their bed... I'm sorry, what? And what about an "oaky afterbirth?"

But luckily, the awkwardness was saved by Andy and Angela's arrival, then later, lucky us, Dwight crashing the party with an old lady as his date and extra wine glasses.

Okay, so the awkwardness continued, but really just got more hilarious. The end of the night was a bit of a whirlwind of Jan being completely insane, Jan chatting with Pam about how Michael told her about how he and Pam used to date, some nice dinner conversation with Angela saying the thought of putting Dwight's beets in her mouth made her want to gag, and Michael whispering that he thinks Jan poisoned the food.

Wow, wow. If we weren't all in a standing ovation at this point, we were probably doubled over cracking up. Then, after all of this amazingness, we had the Jan domestic disturbance go down as she threw Michael's Dundee at his crazy expensive flat screen TV ($200), after he'd put his bright blue neon beer sign on the wall... and then just as the diners thought they were escaping, the police showed up.

Well, of course. It's not a dinner party without the police popping in, right? But at least Jim and Pam got to have their last minute adorableness hanging out in Jim's car eating burgers, listening to the stolen CD of Jan's ex-assistant.

Good times, goooood times. It's good to have you back, Office. Very, very good.


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Jun 6, 2016 4:50PM EDT

This is not one of the best episodes ever. Also, is Jan pregnant in real life? Worse, she she pregnant as a result of co-habitation with Michael Scott? She's definitely looking a little more plump than her original casting as a sex symbol.

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