Life: The Actual Must-See Cop Show this Season

We all got a little burned by the terrible disappointment of the new cop show, K-Ville, but don't let one bad apple ruin the whole (very large) tree of cop shows.

Life, a new NBC show about a cop who spent 12 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit, has not only a much more intriguing plot than K-Ville, but more clever writing and acting as well.

In Life, Detective Charlie Crews was given just that: a life sentence in jail despite his innocence. While in jail, as you can imagine, a few criminals were hungry for revenge when they saw a cop dropped down into the lions' den.

Charlie spent his time in jail reading Zen books and getting beaten again and again. But then after 12 years of this, he's given life again - this time it's his life given back to him as he's freed because of evidence surfacing that he's actually innocent.

The fascinating and humorous part of the show is all wrapped up in the man Charlie has become because of his time in jail, and also a tiny little settlement he gets as a "oops, we're sorry for ruining your life" of 50 million dollars. Despite this incredible amount of money, he doesn't decide to just buy everything and sleep with lots of women - though he does a tad of that on the side. He also goes back to being a cop. And he's not the typical character that could have been created here of an insanely bitter, angry man.

He actually is somehow... cheerful and funny. I suppose getting your life back does put a little spring in your step. So by day, he works as a cop, whom everyone's a little scared of now, and he quotes his Zen books humorously in plenty of situations including his "lack of attachment" to his new sports car. But by night, you see in this enormous house he's bought, he has a wall in his closet with strings and photos, all a means to an end of figuring out how (and by who) he was framed.

Look out. So while he's not out with a vengeance, he sure has an agenda that just might lead to some revenge after a while. With this lurking in the background, the surface of humor with the promise of occasional drama makes for a great new cop drama that's more character-driven than case-driven making for a much better show overall.

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Life: The Actual Must-See Cop Show this Season


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