Season Finale: The Moronic Cheese Stands Alone

With everyone all up in arms about last night's The Bachelor finale, let's just take a moment to relax.

The guy wasn't in love, so he broke up with two totally gorgeous and wonderful women he claimed the very day before he was falling for.

The total ridiculousness of Brad being such a moron was an enormous shock and twist that has never, ever happened in all 11 seasons of the show.

Now, hm, that's odd. Can we image a show trying a direction it's never gone in to keep viewers thinking it can be fresh and different?

Could this be a set up by ABC for the sake of switching things up for the show? I would say so except that many a viewer is upset and annoyed by this stupid conclusion enough to vow to never watch again! (I just might have been among this group right after Brad had his little break up chat with Jenni AND DeAnna.)

So why on earth would anyone think having the guy choose to be alone be a good idea? Maybe they're watching too much Flavor of Love and I Love New York on Vh1 so it looks like a great idea to recycle the same single people over and over.

But let's just say the obvious: Brad is no Flavor Flav. As I've noted before, he's a little bit of a real life Ken doll... aka it was really a push to get us to watch this dull hot man for one season.

Usually watching The Bachelor, we get a real sense of who the guy is and that's why everyone gets so crazy attached to what happens. But this "southern gentleman" never broke out of that mold to be a real person on the show which really makes it difficult to get him and get why on earth he choose no woman at all!

Sure, they probably would've broken up in a few months like almost every other The Bachelor couple ever, but did the words, "let's just date," ever enter Brad's head?

So the conclusion we can find from this totally ridiculous and incredibly annoying season of The Bachelor is this: either Brad is the most fake of the bachelors ever, or he's the most real.

He was either paid to be on the show because his millions weren't enough or a push in his acting career (which if he is an actor, he's pretty terrible), or he's actually the most real and normal of people to ever be on the show who realized he couldn't possibly fall in love in such a fake way in such a short amount of time.

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