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Every once in a while an Anime takes the world by storm (and by takes the world by storm I mean it becomes so popular that you can find cosplay (dressing up as characters from anime) items in every major store). One of these shows is Naruto.

I think that Naruto is a great anime for everyone. It is heartwarming and charming (the way Naruto gradually gets people to like him by making them respect him and his values) yet is fun and funny (some of the characters are insane in the good way) at the same time it contains enough violence to appease most (they are NINJAS after all and yes people actually die in this one). The thing I like the most about Naruto is the fact that every character is well rounded and thought out. A lot of the shows follows the struggles of several of the other young ninja and how they either overcome or fall. In this anime the show follows real life. People are not infallible and very few are completely good or evil. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try you cant save everyone.

Naruto is one of those shows that everyone will love, but everyone will have a different reason why.

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Jun 3, 2016 12:50PM EDT

i also like naruto anime.
here the link that i always watch.

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