90210 Season 2, Episode 10: 'To Thine Own Self Be True' Review - Featured

On last week's 90210, we were left with the big cliffhanger of what would happen to Silver's mom after their birthday adventures didn't end so well after all.

We were also left wondering what would come next for Liam's new buddies and their plan for destroying Jen, plus what would develop in the druggie and drug dealer situation for Adrianna and Jasper.

While this week's 'To Thine Own Self Be True' was a good episode, it was more tiring than exciting. It was intriguing and touching to see Kelly's emotional rollercoaster with her mother in the hospital, leaving us not just with the first moment of the episode being that the mom died in the night as I expected, but having her live out a few more days giving Kelly the time to come around and say goodbye.

But besides that, a lot of focus was on Annie and Jasper which is just plain annoying, and while it's clear they're leading to something really big and bad with Jasper, and well, maybe it was just meant to be the event with Navid at the end of this episode, but it's still boring and annoying to see Annie and Jasper together, no matter what good drama may come of it.

While it seems there's still more to come with Jasper doing nasty things, I was able to put aside my annoyance with him long enough to be horrified for dear Navid as he fell down the stairs from Jasper's evil trip.

Considering Navid is a big character, I'd assume the November Sweeps teaser that there would be "a death in the zipcode," really just meant Silver and Kelly's mom, and Navid will turn out fine. What continues to be annoying about it, though, is that I don't think Navid saw Jasper, so there won't be any advancement in revealing Jasper's evilness.

And, by the way, what's even more aggravating about Jasper and Annie than their weirdness together is the fact that the focus of their storyline at first was all about the fact that Jasper's the nephew of the man Annie killed, and now their storyline is all about him brainwashing Annie into a loner, and their trust issue over him being a drug dealer. Now that that part of the storyline is complicated even more with this Navid accident, it seems it's just getting more off-task from something coming up about the hit-and-run, that I'm feeling exhausted about how long we're going to have to wait for the Annie-Jasper punchline.

But all my whining aside, we did get some other developments including Naomi surprisingly giving up her relationship with cute college boy because she realized she needed to not only be honest with Richard about her feelings, but herself in the fact that she's still not over Liam. It seems Liam isn't over her either, which I was actually sad about since I think his developing relationship with Ivy is cute, and that along with his new group of Navid and Dixon, well, I think I'd almost prefer him to stick to that group and girl.

But considering that group's focus is to finally get back at Jen for all her nastiness which would probably include Naomi hearing the truth, it looks like it's going to lead to a Liam-Naomi reunion sooner or later.

But what about Jen? She kind of became a real person in this episode, so is that going to continue to develop so we actually feel bad for her when Liam brings the pain?

Well, I'm not quite there yet since she's done some evil things that she still didn't share with Ryan, even when they were being "totally honest" in their cute break-through camping trip. I am glad to see their relationship advance a bit since there seemed no real reason for them to be together, but I'd really rather still see Jen set straight and leave the show already.

So with all these developments this week, what do you think will come next? Will Annie just become more obsessed with Jasper since her parents told her not to see him anymore? Will it finally come out how nasty Jasper really is, maybe even including his possible knowledge of the hit-and-run? What will happen to Navid? And, on that note, will Navid's fall be a wake up call for Adrianna or is she really plunging back into her drug lifestyle?


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Nov 20, 2009 5:33PM EST

90210 is getting so good. It's way better than Gossip Girl...

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