Dirt Season 2 Premiere: Back in the Ring and Swingin'

The best season finales are the ones you have to hate for leaving you hanging after some sort of epically dramatic event or cliffhanger. And Dirt, being the most drama-tastic of them all, definitely didn't disappoint with its Season 1 finale.

We were left with the artfully dramatic scene of Lucy being attacked by Julia... who had a couple of "cuts" to make after Lucy's articles destroyed her life.

That is after Rachel, oh I mean Jennifer Aniston's guest starring role as Lucy's rival, Tina Harrod, showed her conniving ways by revealing the truth of Holt not only as the source of the stories that have ruined Julia and her friends, but also that Holt was sleeping with Lucy.

And cut to the cuts. We saw a flashes of Julia, flashes of Lucy, and flashes of a big ol' scary knife. Then of course, we're left with Lucy calling Don to leave his hospital bed to come take photos of her and Julia - oh and then to call 911.

So, cut to last night's awaited Season 2 premiere! We find out immediately that Lucy's been in a coma for 2 weeks and see the rest of the attack scene play out, including Julia running from Lucy's house and getting hit by a car, finishing her off.

Now maybe we'll see more of this hit-and-run driver later, but it's not really an issue right now. Not only does Lucy wake up in the premiere, but she's back on her feet (against doctor's orders) and charging back to work to set everyone straight. And picking up a poor innocent LA Times journalist on the way to pay for his sin of sneaking into her hospital room with a lifetime of "digging in Lindsay Lohan's garbage," as he put it.

Yet it seems this just might be something this educated boy is going to enjoy more than he thinks.

So, long episode short, the b*tch is back. The point of this premiere episode seemed to be to show Lucy's strength, even against all better judgments, and that she's certainly not invincible, but she's going to keep on acting like she is.

Judging by the continual shocks of Season 1 and this strong intro to Season 2, we're going to be in for another wild ride! Time to sit back, relax, and see who's life is on the DirtNow chopping block next.

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Dirt Season 2 Premiere: Back in the Ring and Swingin'


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