Warehouse 13: Season 1, Episode 1 'Pilot' Review - Featured

As much as all this network branding has been a ridiculous lately, I think the new "Syfy" may just have something going here.

Maybe I watched the SciFi/Syfy channel for the first time because I'm watching everything new this summer, or maybe I watched it because I felt there must be less of that nerdy/too in depth scifi I'm not into with this clever rebranding.

Anyway about it, I was convinced to watch the Warehouse 13 Pilot because I didn't think it'd be full-on X-Files with bizarre discoveries, but probably something along those lines but lighter and more fun. And indeed it was!

At first I felt like Warehouse 13 was Fringe meets Pushing Daisies with its quirky characters and dialogue, but it became more of "Fringe-light" as I got more into the pilot. Since I stopped watching Fringe because I didn't really care about the characters and I didn't care enough about the weird cases to stay tuned for that, I found Warehouse 13 just right for the non-scifi-oriented of us who are still interested in new and different shows with intriguing sci-fi-ish mysteries.

This is not to say, though, that Fringe and X-Files fans wouldn't like Warehouse 13, it's just to say I found it not for someone looking for a big thrill and chill from seriously creepy cases like in those shows. Instead, the draw of Warehouse 13 is the great, quirky and intriguing characters, and the continued mystery of working out each case of an odd, powerful object, and then the overall strangeness of the actual warehouse.

I hope this show doesn't get too formulaic with a case a week, but as long as they keep the character stories developing around and because of the weekly cases, I think it could work pretty well. In the pilot I felt without the adorable, frumpy genius Artie, the show would be lost - much like Fringe almost kept me for the sweet and nutty genius of Walter.

But while I think Artie is a very key piece to this character puzzle, I started enjoying Pete and Myka more and more. Myka started out the straight-laced female often stereotypically in these government/police roles, but with her Denver issues unraveling, she became much more human and soft, but not too soft, which I really like about her. I also enjoy that while Pete's the unorthodox one, he isn't the full-on off-beat hero every moment of an episode.

The pilot did a great job of giving us background on both characters without it feeling like they were talking straight at the audience as we learned bits about Myka's haunting Denver incident through the appearances of her dead partner, and more about Pete's past and very essential "vibes" as he made use of one to protect them from the boy's attack in the interview room, showing us the one time he hadn't said anything about his vibe, his father died.

While the cases in the pilot of the bleeding ancient head and the demonic book and comb got a little bit cheesy here and there with the flashes of light, chants, and mind-control, it was just under the level of cheese that made it work for the tone of the show. The show doesn't take itself too seriously, so a bit of a cheesiness to the cases doesn't seem like too much. Yet it takes itself just serious enough that the cases and plot didn't become campy, which is sometimes fun, but often doesn't pan out.

While I worry that there's not too far to go with the show beyond cases of the week, overall, I really enjoyed the pilot and what the show is all about as a whole. I'll definitely be tuning in for more of this summer newbie, so what about you? Will Warehouse 13 be a new summer fav?



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Jul 9, 2009 2:50AM EDT

I got to say I liked the pilot, but It kind of reminds me a little bit of those movies for TV that TNT made called The Librarian where they have all of these crazy artifacts and he has to travel all over the globe to save the world from various artifacts.
I was actually more intrigued by Mrs. Frederic and the Bead and Breakfast owner as well as the history of the warehouse and the workers who are no longer there.
I'm not sure if it will become a new summer fav, I'm still anxious for Leverage to return as well as Monk and Psych.


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Jul 9, 2009 5:04PM EDT

looks like it could be a good show lets see how the next couple of shows pan out

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