Unhitched Premiere: Sometimes Farrelly Just Ain't Enough

Unhitched seemed to have great potential with the Farrelly brothers as executive producers, some funny promos, and Rashida Jones who we can love now that she's not keeping Jim away from Pam on The Office!

But when it comes to Unhitched, unfortunately, there just wasn't much to love in last night's premiere.

When the promos showed one of the gang of newly "unhitched," (divorced or separated), on a date and ending up in the woman's apartment full of jungle plants and her making animal sounds at him for mating, it seemed like a funny play on dating.

Kind of like those Scrubs moments where we get to pop into J.D.'s imagination here and there and see all the hilariously fun things he comes up with. But this time, it was for real.

And bad things happened with a monkey that we shall not speak of. Where this seems like it could still turn out funny, somehow meeting "the gang" with dude #1 laid out on his stomach on the coffee table getting examined by buddy #2 after his monkey incident and the rest of the gang just wandering through having their usual casual conversation wasn't really the kind of odd that's funny... but just odd.

While we can all enjoy the realities that not everyone ends up happily married, and then even if they do, they often end up unhappily divorced, this situation had a lot more hilarious opportunities than it took. For instance, Rashida Jones' character, Kate, went on a date with a short guy who worked for the Celtics which was starting to be funny, and ended up pretty ridiculous when she was just getting comfortable with his height then he ran out as the team mascot - Lucky the Leprechaun!

Yet then it didn't go anywhere with the humor just sitting in our laps. As for the other buddies, there's the dumb "hot" guy, the businessman (same as the monkey guy), the confused foreigner who calls T.G.I. Friday's "Thank Goodness It's Friday," and of course Kate, the endearing girl buddy of all these guys.

There may be potential for some good laughs on this one, but so far, it's not looking like Unhitched will be our next Friends.

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Unhitched: Sometimes Farrelly Just Ain't Enough

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