Truth & Consequences: Shot through the heart and who's to blame?

Last night's Heroes revealed the identity of the last mystery women in the photo of the previous generation of heroes!

This meant Matt becoming his father, but also Peter getting a better look at who Adam is... but no look seems to be really able to reveal who and what Adam is.

He's no Sylar, but he's also no early Peter Petrelli of pure goodness.

While we can watch Sylar sucking in Maya and yell a clear and knowing "No!" it's a lot trickier watching Adam and Peter.

We can't trust the Company, and we can't trust the Company's enemies.

Is Adam trying to stop the virus or trying to start it? Or neither? And why doesn't Peter doubt, when he met Adam when Adam was clearly "bad enough" for people to think he needed to be locked up with the key thrown away.

And what's the plan for HRG now that he's alive, but no one knows it (except those he'd turned against)? It looks like there's still hope for Suresh and HRG to work together, and it definitely looks like Claire has some major fighting spirit going now that could get very interesting.

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