True Blood Predictions: How will the Season End?

True Blood continues to suck me in every episode as the situations just keep getting more intense and intriguing!

In one of the latest episodes, "I Don't Wanna Know," Sookie discovered Sam's secret of shape shifting, Tara discovered the exorcisms were fake, Bill discovered he couldn't escape the ways of the vampires no matter how much he fought it, Sam discovered his lies weren't cutting it, and Eric and Amy discovered they had bigger problems than a few little lies.

In the latest episode, "To Love is to Bury," the killer was actually uncovered to us viewers as Rene, Amy was killed leaving Jason convinced he was really the killer, Sookie and Bill were torn apart by Bill's return and jealousy of discovering Sookie and Sam kissing, and Tara got arrested then went home from jail with a very suspicious "social worker."

So what are your predictions for the big season finale? Will these revelations and issues lead to Rene getting caught? Will Sookie and Bill have a chance together or will Sookie and Sam? And oh so much more! Share your thoughts and please avoid spoilers for those of us who have not read the books - thanks!

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Nov 10, 2008 5:31PM EST

With the killer showing up at Merlotte's, it was cool that Sookie could see what had happened to women before her, I'm glad she escaped in time with Sam. I think they're going to turn Tara, or kill her because of the mysterious woman, looked like a vampire. Will they start introducing other mysterious characters like werewolves and monsters? Excited about this season, it's been well written!

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Nov 10, 2008 6:00PM EST

sorry to be picky or clueless, whichever, but do you mean to say that Jason and Amy discovered they had bigger problems than a few lies? Or is there something with Eric I am missing?

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Nov 10, 2008 6:05PM EST

oh, and I don't really have a clue about what might happen. Though, I do wonder if they will finish the story line with the killer and move on to another one next season. I hate that Amy killed Eddie. I loved that actress in other things and I guess she is doing a great job, because I hate Amy :-) I also see that both Amy and Sam are shown to not be the killer because they were not the one in the kitchen with Sookie. I think it is the guy who asked her to dance and said there were some dead people he wished were still around...but what do I know?

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Nov 10, 2008 6:45PM EST

so, yes I read the books and No I'm not telling you any secrets.only a hint, mzchio was right with his thinking of that there will be more than just vampires and shape shifters. and if I'm thinking right (and am not sure that I do) then I think I know who this mystirious woman on the street is. just one thing, I guess she's not a vampire and she was anyone comes to the point that amy could be the killer is a mystery to me. and sam, ok, for those who read the books it was clear, that his real secret is his shape shifting.I have to admitt, that sometimes it is hard, to go away from the book storyline and see the tv-show on itself. but in the most things I handled it.the only thing I really couldn't stay was that vampire counsel. I'm not telling you why, because I would have to explain things out of the books. but let me say it so, eric is for me not like he is in the show. I've been missing something really hardly about him. and I'm still hoping that the writers make it to bring his charakter to where he belongs to. otherwise a lot of storylines out of the books are nearly impossible to be least, that show wasn't so much disappointing as I thought. it was more suprising in a positiv way. I can live with some of the changes they made, also with some characters the put in. but the big question is, how will the get the curve onto the storyline back on the killer again, with the whole storys around. because if the killer is the same as in the books, it will be hard work for the writers to get that.but in general the show is realy good done and I realy like it. more than I thought before I watched the first episode.I'm hoping the try to stay to the books and are not losing the charme and humour of them. because we all know, that hollywood and tv did a lot of messing around with books and blow the whole thing.

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Nov 10, 2008 7:54PM EST

I have also read the first book after seeing the first few episodes and I'm not going to spoil anything don't worry. I was amazed how the first few chapters did hold really quite closely with the first few episodes with only a few things occuring out of order. There were also some characters in the show that weren't in the book (not naming names) but I understand why they would have needed them in the TV show and not in the book and it's because the book is in first person so doesn't flip story lines where as in the TV show it would get boring for viewers if it just followed one person around all the time.
Recently though the events in the book have been quite broadly altered and I agree with Lenora that it may be hard for them to bring it back round. I also agreed with Lenora on the whole counsul thing (very different from the events in the first book and it kinda changed my perception of the characters) and on Eric, they have kinda down played him in the TV show.
In respects to the TV show though, I am interested to see how they end it and interested in the development of the characters that were not originally included in the book or have bigger roles. The small adjustments in the beginning made by the scriptwriters have had a large impact on the difference in the ending (so far) compared to that in the book. Therefore I have no idea if Sookie and Bill have a chance together now that he had to give in to vampire ways, because well that just didn't happen in the book, something else did.
One thing I am pretty certain of is that the killer will be the same as in the book. I can't really see how they can change that to be honest.

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Nov 10, 2008 8:23PM EST

I don't think the killer is the PTSD suffering Belfleur or his brother Andy. Its someone who is at the party. I like the little build they have started to put in on the boy who stood up to his mamma but I don't think its him. Its defo a guy, my money is on the ragin' cajun. He is just hot enough to stop us worrying about creepiness and just on the fringes of the show whilst still noticable enough to be a viable candidate. I don't see how it could be anybody else. Man its driving me mad, my friend and I have taken to breakdowns of each weeks shows in order to try and guess. (It'll be less fun if we cheat and read the books! :D)
As for next season I think Amy, Jason and Lafayette are going to be in a whole world of vampire related trouble. Eric said when he came to Merlotte's that tney know when someone has wronged them. I think Amy is probably going to die a horrible death infront of a vamp counsel or something! lol!
Argh! So much I'd like to see but I guess they have to leave a hook for season two. Great, addictive shows always do! lol! Last two eps. Lafayette goes mental about Eddie being murdered! (I reckon he finds out. Jason is not good with guilt!) He and Jason have a nasty fight! Vampire trouble heads down the tracks towards them. Tara has some sort of voodoo type out of body experience and nearly dies from that drink driving accident. Sookie gets attacked again but escapes. The murderer is caught just as the season ends. Oh and Eric and that female vampire he hangs about with will be heavily involved but i don't really know how! lol!
Then again I may be monumentally wrong this show has the potential to surprise me! (which is why I love it so much! :D)

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Nov 10, 2008 9:36PM EST

I am going to agree with the other book readers. The killer in the book so does not match up to what we have seen so far on tv. In the book I did not like him, but on the show, I actually kind of do. Sort of torn there. However. We can be pretty sure the killer is human, since she is getting thoughts from him. I believe Sookie has stated she is unable to get thoughts - or true readings from non humans.
So, excluding the book killer, my guess would be Terry.
I think the woman in the show with the hog is the same as the one in the book. Although they seem to be introducing her differently.
Any other show predictions I make would be based on having read the books. I would feel I was cheating. But in attempts to be vague so as to not give anything away ( just in case - they are so one way or the other with following the books) - I think the season will end with Sookie having her encounter with the naked woman and the wart hog creature. Sam will be exposed some how ( and not in the no clothes on kind of way) I think Tara's character will take a bit of a back seat-either a nervouse break down or born again good girl, the killer will be revealed. but not caught. Jason, Layfayette and - chicky I do not like, will be figured out by vampires for what they have been doing and will have to fend for their lives. Heres hoping hippy girl bites the dust.
Just my musings. Of course, I never guess right at the race track either, so we will see.

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Nov 10, 2008 9:59PM EST

I think when you think about it, everyone has something going bad in their lives.Except for Arlene and she was just gushing about how kind and nice Rene was..

and re-watch the episode.
I would say i am 67% sure Rene is going to end up being the killer.

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Nov 10, 2008 10:59PM EST

The script writers did deviate from the book & it would appear strange to try make it similar - but we shall have to wait and see!
>>>> I'm PISSED off with the fact that they made Eric's character so dull! In the book he was the one that keeps you amused!
I think Season 1 will leave Bill & Sookie with a strained relationship (look at the previews of the shows to come, she chucks him out of house after he says "do u have any idea what i've done to stay with you" well something in that line)As for Jason... I think the dimwit will realize Amy is a tad bit crazy - and perhaps make amends before he dates the next crazy female!Tara... maybe she tries out something new... don't like her character that much...Sam - think he will always be around not much better or worse but around the bar & a lending ear to Sookie
Eric - PLEASE let his character get some spunk!

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Nov 10, 2008 11:11PM EST

I so agree, i always pictured Eric much more strong alpha male type, and extroverted, educated, and a much better dresser. I dont know how far anyone has read in the books, but I would love to see Quinn.

Large njfl02j
Nov 11, 2008 12:42AM EST

My predictions: The werewolves are coming! The naked lady in the middle of the road could very well be the first one of possibly many. The red headed girl that Bill turns would definitely bring an interesting twist into Sookie's and his relationship (If they do indeed use her), and last but not least; The killer is.... The Cajun.

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Nov 11, 2008 3:48AM EST

i was gonna hope for somethng happy with bill and sookie, but seeing her bein a bitch in the next episode, i dunno know anymore..I think the killer is Renee, he's gotta be =P... I really hope the show doesnt make me choose between sookie and bill, cuz itll be he vampire all the way :p

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Nov 11, 2008 8:50AM EST

I miss the Eric in the book. This Eric in the show is just off. I hope the show will start showing that side of Eric that is just so fun to see as in the book. It will be a shame to continue showing a bored Eric on every epi.....the tv show although still engaging and brilliant is killing one of the best characters.

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Nov 11, 2008 10:10AM EST

Fisrt of all the killer is most def the Cajun, i've never read the books but the physical build of the attacker and the type of shirt he wore is most def the exact as Rene's.
Ooh i cant wait until they reveal who the woman and the hog def seems to be shapeing up to one hell of a finale and new season, i just hope that the next season doesn't loose all the flavor of this one.I bow down in awe to Allan Ball(?) and the author of this novel.Wow, i am so anticipating the new season...even more than BSG.
I think this new turned chic is gonna console Bill and soothe his brow after Sookie is done with him...and wont that piss her off too.I think she's gonna play around with Eric and Sam for a while as well.We might know a bit of her secret come the end of this season, and who knows what will happen to Jason...anything basically cause i live to watch his escapades.I feel it for Tara and hope sumin happens to jerk her out of her dementia....cause she is def getting as crazy as her mother.

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Nov 11, 2008 10:24PM EST

Given the liberties the scriptwriters have taken with the books, it's not clear that this first season's murderer will even be the same person. The woman with the pig in the road might be a supernatural being with incredible power called a maenad. I am also disappointed that Eric, one of my favorite characters, is portrayed as grungy, humorless and ruthless. And Sookie is too much of a kvetch for my taste, she's supposed to be more upbeat and girly: "like an eclair on the outside and a pit bull on the inside". The magister scene was a jaw-droppingly brilliant piece of stagecraft. But what will happen to Jessica? Will she become Bill's new girlfriend if Sookie dumps him? Will she be the mentally damaged "Bubba" of the show who prefers cat blood to human blood? We don't have a clue, because that scene and that character don't exist in the book at all. Guess we'll have to stay tuned.

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Nov 12, 2008 1:41AM EST

nice tipps here, from all. @evil, wasn't fair to the non readers to tell them who the woman is. they should have found out on their own.the case jessica is interesting, because everyone thinks she is turned. but who said this. did i miss something in the show. i thought is was up to bill to kill her, to proof that he's still with the vampires. but i admitt that i could be wrong.yes, eric. in the books he's the character that let look bill pretty pale and boring and that keeps the humor going on. and at least, he's the one, i guess a lot of readers are hoping that sookie ends up at last.quinn will be interesting, if they put his character on the show. finding an actor that is nearly similar to the description in the book, will be hard work for the casting crew. for him you can't use any make-up or cgi. has to be real.but before quinn will be seen on the show, there will be many other characters first i hope we'll see. just a few names, alcide, claudine, her brother claude, the queen, debbie, hallow, the norris clan and last but not least bubba. i realy hope the put bubba in the show. he's got some of the best scenes in the book and will be a funny suprise to all that doesn't have read the books.the woman who is with eric is called pam and i also hope, that her character is coming more on the show and goes more into the direction of the book character, because i like pam.I'm certainly not telling you, who is the killer in the book, but some quesses are realy good.the story of jason and amy (which i definitly don't like) is interesting. but i don't think that jason is getting to much into trouble. wouldn't be wise, cause of another storyline that should come up to him in one of the next seasons (hopefuly).but i also hope, that amy is suffering a pretty ugly dead for killing nice eddie vamp.lafayette is another story, if the're sticking a little bit on the books, then lafayetts story will be a whole other then you all think.and i don't think that jessica is needed to make sookie and bill split up. there are other reasons for that. and in the books, sookie is having some much more interesting affairs and realtionships then the one with bill.what will goes on with tara, that is really one of the things that make the show thrilling to me. but i hope the don't let her stuck in this kind of way, she was going the last few episodes. a development to her character in another direction would be long, until next week after the next episode.

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Nov 14, 2008 1:25AM EST

I sure hope Sookie and Bill stand a chance. I know that Sam will get between them in episode 11 (to love is to bury) but I hope that they are able to regroup in episode 12 (you’ll be the death of me).I don’t want to make many predictions for episode 12 but judging by the name of the episode I predict that Bill will profess his LOVE to Sookie only to be heartbroken by her response. I could imagine it going like this....
Bill: I Love you. I’m not supposed to feel Love. I haven’t felt love in centuries.Sookie: I love you to. But in doing so you’ll be the death of me.
Or something cheesy and romantic like that that will leave everyone swooning for more Bill and Sookie Hotness.

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Nov 14, 2008 3:30PM EST

i just watched the whole series online in about 2 days, i'm so hooked. but i have a couple questions- in the first episode, who was that woman in the woods watching bill when sookie was saving him from that couple? and why was sam rolling in dawn's sheets after she died, was that just to emphasize the fact that he was the dog? minor questions, but theyre irritating me lol.

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Nov 14, 2008 3:50PM EST

I really hope Sookie & Sam can work it out. They are just perfect together. Sam needs to work it out with Tara. In some sense this is an awful lot like the Twilight Saga Series!!

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Nov 14, 2008 5:29PM EST

to marina:i guess the woman in the woods was the same woman we saw in episode 10, when tara had the accident. or, another tip is, that this woman is the vampire that turned bill, as we know, it was a woman.
to sam, cause i know the book, and it was seen in one scene when sam hides away a picture of him and dawn, that sam and dawn had a kind of realtionship once. so i guess it was his "animalic" way of mourning about her. to smell her again and remeber old times. but that's just a guess.

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Nov 17, 2008 1:04AM EST

Marina:lenora is misremebering things from the book... the woman watching in the woods helped Sookie (did you see how shocked Sookie was when the chain wrapped around the Rattray fella's throat?), and is therefore more likely Claudine, a character who frequently helps Sookie, than the vamp who turned Bill.
The Sam action threw me off as well, though Lenora is likely right on that one. It also serves to illustrate his animalistic tendencies, or, in another way of looking at it, less than human tendencies. They probably also wanted to veer audience attention to him as a possible suspect to generate audience buzz and interest.

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Nov 19, 2008 6:24PM EST

Wonder if Rene will end up being a werewolf? If you talk to some old cajons in the La area there are some strange things that go on down there. Really good reading and the t.v. episodes keep you thinking too. Hope that season 2 will be as good.

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