Something Wicked This Way Comes

Defy gravity, Betty and Henry, defy the world!

Okay, so Ugly Betty may not be the next love story that endures time.

But Betty and Henry sure are the cutest TV couple I've seen since um, Ned and Chuck Wednesday on Pushing Daisies.

This week's Ugly Betty was heart-stirring and all, but next week looks quite a bit more on the dramatic side.

It's time for the Slater-Meade wedding, and maybe the crisis is Wilhelmina discovering her heart still beats and she wants to find true love (kidding, relax). Maybe it's Betty busting in to reveal Wilhelmina's affair with her body guard, or Claire busting in with that big old shot gun.

Maybe Alexa can't hold in the truth she's remembered about her father's lack of love... or maybe... maybe they'll get married and the end of the fashion world as we know it will come as Wilhelmina destroys Mode and creates the Slater empire!

So many possibilities! But I'm going to say the Betty-Henry drama will be settled at least for now - until maybe a pregnant Charlie crashes the wedding?


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