After the Final Non-Rose of Confusion

America wanted answers; they demanded them! Brad Womack, who do you think you are turning down two gorgeous women??

And on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, neither America nor the two rejected ladies got the peace they wanted. Just more annoyance from a guy who just won't crack that polite Southern boy exterior.

So here's wondering... is that actually him?

Could it be true that he really is an excruciatingly nice person who doesn't ever stop being nice and who actually did the right and honest thing by turning both women away?

Could it really be true that he just didn't fall in love (after 6 weeks, the nerve!) and felt it'd be wrong to go further in a relationship he wasn't that into?

Maybe all we're seeing here is real reality (gasp!) where sometimes, as they'd wise us up on Sex and the City, sometimes he's just not that into you. And this is nothing personal to Jenni and DeAnna... I don't think they're thick-skulled at all to not understand what's going on.

But now I would think they do get it when Brad's told both of them multiple times that he just didn't fall in love and wasn't going to.

He may have been unclear before the final rose about his feelings, but after the rose, he really did say straight out that he just wasn't that into them.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's take a moment to grieve for the fake reality TV we know and love in The Bachelor where we can believe in the fairytale that if we were all just thrown into a mansion with 25 men/women, we'd definitely find love and live happily ever after in the sunset surrounded by rose bushes.

Sure, all those women and Brad will probably find some happiness with other people, but it just wasn't meant to be as we were blind-sighted by the bachelor acting like a real person. How disappointing.

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