Ride the Workhouse till the Tail Falls Off

It's definitely all about the fireworks on Survivor: China! Not only were they setting off real fireworks in a challenge on this week's episode, but Dave and Sherea had some fireworks of their own and some sparks are developing between Erik and Jaime.

Things were indeed sparkalicious between Dave and Sherea, but the nasty kind where you yell things like, "Back up off me!" and try to throw out seashells a guy's saving for his mother.

But for Jaime and Erik, the sparks are much more the kind where you say things like, "Wanna skinny dip?" and "Let's seal that alliance with a kiss."

Oh how I love when Survivor love affairs develop! Half the time one of the pair is just using the other to get ahead in the game, sometimes both are using each other, and sometimes, despite them both using each other, they get married! (Hooray for the now famous reality show addict couple, Rob and Amber.)

Maybe Jaime and Erik will be as lucky in love as Rob and Amber, or maybe they'll just entertain us a little bit while we wait for the true drama to start when the tribes merge and it gets down to the real, nitty-gritty competition.

As for Dave and Sherea, we'll never get to see if their hot relationship could cross that thin line between love and hate since we saw Dave get voted off last night. He sure was a fighter and a great player, but way too bossy of a leader. I guess he's learned his lesson since it cost him the small price of a million bucks.


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