I'm Not As Dumb As I Look

On Survivor: China last night, poor Jaime proved her own claims wrong as she kept saying, "I'm not as dumb as look."

But, to be fair, she really wasn't that dumb as she presented something that was definitely not an immunity idol at the tribal council that ended in her demise.

Yes, she sounded like an idiot chatting it up to the camera about how she found an immunity idol and she was going to floor everyone, but you can't blame the girl for trying.

I'm glad it gave James a good laugh though. I thought he'd be silent the entire game until one enormous blow-up where you realize he's kind of a jerk. Oh wait... that's exactly what he did already. But it got him talking, and that makes him much more interesting beyond his muscles and jockey shorts.

Now with the tribes merged, it's going to be a struggle for power between the previously separate tribes, as usual... but it looks as if it may be more of a picking off of the little tribe instead of much of a struggle.

I get why the bigger tribe would try to wipe out the other one, but can we please just take a moment to axe Jean-Robert already? I hate to agree with the nasty likes of Courtney here, but he's pretty intolerable for a skinny, bratty waitress from New York and any other person on this planet.

I'm a little sad to see Jaime go as I'd like to have seen the Jaime-Erik relationship bloom a little more and she really wasn't as dumb as "she looked," which I guess she was attributing to her short skirt and blond hair. I think she could have done well for herself if she'd gotten to continue, but now we'll just have to see how her two remaining tribe members can hold out!


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