The Heat is On!

It's almost certain that The Amazing Race does intense better than any show ever!

But of course, there's nothing more intense than the final few episodes just dying for the lovable teams to go, go, go and win, win, win!

And for the annoying teams to just die already. And by die I mean leave the race and just break up already.

Last night was the race to the final three with TK and Rachel, Nicholas and Don, Ronald and Christina, and Nate and Jen.

The pressure was on big-time for TK and Rachel as they thankfully hit the non-elimination round when they came in last the previous week, but this time had to worry about the speed bump somewhere along the way.

But oh the luck of being wonderful, nice people did them well! Okay, except for when they finally broke down and argued on the observation deck of the building in Osaka - but they're still kittens next to the likes of Nate and Jen, so I think their relationship and game will (and did) survive just fine.

But back to the luck, they made it through the speed bump, running through firecrackers in rubber suits (yeah really) and with the race gods on their side, hit right when two of the other teams had to wait a half hour for the next train to come! It didn't hurt either that they ran over hot coals with no problem while other teams were seriously hurting.

While TK and Rachel had their first fight (in the race, yes, for their relationship... well probably that too), Ron and Christine were getting along just swimmingly. Now my hopes and dreams for them in the race have come true - heal that nasty father-daughter relationship that consisted only of Ron yelling at her for messing up, so while I like them, that's really what they needed, not the million.

Don and Nicholas continued on their merry way getting by around the middle as is most usual for them, and they were happy as can be to reach what their goal for the race was: getting to the final three! So good for them! They'd be pretty good contenders for the win, but I can't help sway towards TK and Rachel with all their darn endearing qualities.

And so here we are, saving the best for last! Oh how entertaining a catty, disastrous couple can be! But there's only so much we can take in a finale. They're perfectly fine people on their own, but as a couple and a team, Nate and Jen just plain shouldn't win this race... it would be a little off to see the people who hated each other the whole time take the prize, and they shot that chance last night.

Thank you! Now, go on and stay away from each other for god's sake! And maybe go join a yoga class or something to work on that stress level, Jen. Wow.

Yes, their final moments on Amazing Race were classically hilarious and pretty much equally as sad as they reached their usual level of total and utter breakdown freak out trying to get to the pit stop. But after all the yelling, the attempts at the subway and bus, and well, more yelling and hate, came the truly sad moment of the basically breaking up on national television with plenty of tears... especially from Nate.

So now, with the crazy ones gone to find better things in their lives, the race is on for the prize! It's finale time, and it's down to the final three - who's it going to be??

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