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In case you missed E!Online's live blogging of today's Comic-Con Smallville panel, they've compiled the very important details that you need to know about season nine.

Much news was broken today, including the return of several iconic characters, the introduction of Major (not General yet) Zod (Callum Blue) and a preview that showed a very sexy love scene between Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois (Erica Durance).

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Here's a rundown of the sneak peek they showed at Comic-Con:

* "The world's greatest hero has risen" appears on screen along with the Superman logo.

* A montage of Clark on his path to becoming a hero. "And he is not alone," says the preview. Followed by shots of each Justice League member who has fought with him: Aquaman, Black Canary, Impulse, Cyborg, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Green Arrow, the Legion and Watchtower. Studio reps confirm to us that Laura Vandervoort is not returning to the show, despite her appearance in the preview.

* The introduction of Zod, who's brought several friends with him (more on that below). He's seen fighting toe-to-toe with Tess.

* Lois is seen fighting in the future.

* Chloe (Allison Mack) relies on the protection of a gun this season.

* Brian Austin Green's Metallo has a very sinister look to him. He's seen with the Kryptonite power source on his chest, iconic for the Metallo character.

* There is a hot and steamy love scene between Lois and Clark. Heavy petting and make-out sesh included.

* For a split second it seems that Lex has appeared on screen, but it could be our imagination.

* Clark has a nifty new super suit. It's all black, no spandex, with the silver Superman logo on the front and a long black trench coat that doubles as a cape.

What we learned from the panel:

* Chloe and Clark's relationship will be very strained. Says executive producer Kelly Souders, "They have a little bit of a rocky start."

* Erica Durance is in 18 episodes this season.

* "I think you guys are going to be pretty excited this year," says Erica regarding the Clark and Lois progression. "Lois is dealing with being smitten with Superman and still finds Clark irritating." This season is going to be "spicy," she adds. Lois and Clark will definitely grow closer this year, but there's a love triangle between Clark, Lois and the Blur. "Just as Clark falls for Lois, she's falling for someone else," says Peterson.

* A relationship for Chloe and Clark is "dead in the water," says Allison. Clark is preoccupied with other women and Chloe is dealing with the loss of Jimmy while stepping into a more powerful position with the supes.

* The entire panel kept quiet when asked if there would be a Smallville movie in the future. Curious.

* Regarding the new Superman suit, Kelly explains that Clark doesn't just show up to a tailor and figure it out the first time. The producers know there is a long arc for Clark to become Superman and it's a bumpy road.

* Justin Hartley says we will see a lot more of the Green Arrow this year. He's going to be struggling in a dark place. Peterson adds that in the first eight episodes you "will see him hit rock bottom."

* The producers say Metallo (Brian Austin Green) is a big part of the first two episodes. The ninth season also brings the return of Toyman and we'll see Roulette as well.

* Kelly says they do have a series finale planned if the ninth season is their last, however, it could change if they are picked up for a tenth season.

* Geoff Johns, who wrote "Legion" this year, is writing another episode this season and says it will be "Justice Society of America."

* Tom Welling is directing two episodes this season, while Allison Mack will direct one.

* When asked if Lex was actually dead, Peterson says, we all know from the mythos that Lex is "absolutely not dead."

* Peterson says they are brainstorming for a Green Arrow sidekick story.

What we learned in the press room:

* Clark and Oliver's relationship will be tested this year. There's a jealousy because Clark has powers Oliver doesn't, and for the sheer fact that Lois and Clark are on their way to a relationship, while Ollie attempts to rekindle things with Lois.

* When asked if the love scene between Lois and Clark is a dream, Peterson says, "It is one reality we explore in the show."

* "Lois comes back from the future and she starts getting flashes and she thinks she has amnesia. She thinks something is wrong with her," says Durance. "I know that they're going to develop all sorts of scenarios for her to try to piece all those things together like a big puzzle to figure out what's going on, and then maybe be the lynch pin key answer to some of Clark's questions, which is a different place for her to be."

* As seen in the preview, Chloe was wielding a gun. Allison explains that she's on her own this season, since the rest of the supes are off saving the world: "We'll see [Chloe] experimenting with some different paths. We're definitely going to see her trying new things this year. Always with the intent to save the world, but maybe not necessarily that Clark Kent has done."

* We actually meet a young version of Zod. He's not quite a General yet, toting the name Major Zod. Callum explains that Zod is very manic and not quite in control of the troops he's brought with him. In his mind, Krypton has not been destroyed yet and he is unaware of Clark's existence.

* Because of the time parallel caused by Zod, Souders and Peterson teased a possible appearance by Jor-El, though we'll find out more in the second episode.

Stay tuned for much more with the cast and executive producers of Smallville. In the meantime, hit the comments with your thoughts on the new season.


E!Online - Everything You Need to Know From the Smallville Events at Comic-Con




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Jul 27, 2009 7:17AM EDT

It all sounds great! Getting excited for it now...

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Jul 27, 2009 3:58PM EDT

yea sounds good, the superman/blur costume sounds kind of cool.

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