Gossip Girl 'There Might Be Blood': Risky Business

On this week's Gossip Girl, "There Might Be Blood," we carried on with the storyline of Serena and Blair working towards Yale, which led to Blair babysitting a bratty teenager convinced she need to lose her virginity as a competition with another girl at her school. All this really meant for our characters was that Blair said it outright that her first time was with someone she loved, and Blair helped out someone like her who needed to realize that her mother's lack of attention wasn't because she wasn't a good enough daughter.

Besides this, we had a tad of development with Serena and Aaron, but he remained annoyingly mysterious as he wouldn't give Serena an explanation of the girls she saw him with - buddy, you're not that special to not be able to or need to give just a simple explanation.

As for the focus of the episode, and the show in general it seems recently, we followed Jenny's latest fashion adventures as she decided to throw a fashion show that crashed a socialite event for the sake of getting those rich people's attention to her designs.

Of course for added drama, Nate told Dan the situation with Jenny right before her show, then Dan told Rufus, and Dan and Rufus took off to try to stop Jenny.

Also for more drama, it turned out that the event Jenny and friends were crashing was one where Lily and Bart were getting an award. This added some extra nerves to the situation for Jenny which led Nate, who came along to support Jenny, to kiss her very publicly, landing them on Gossip Girl, which was actually the reason Dan figured out where they were. Oh, GG, such a troublemaker!

While it seemed Jenny was going over the top by busting in on an event like that, surprisingly, everyone there seemed much more thrilled about the crazy turn of events and Jenny's designs as instead of being immediately dragged out by security, they did the full show. Also, right after the show Jenny was getting a ton of phone calls, though she got a little preoccupied with a few little things like running after Vanessa who saw Jenny and Nate kissing, then running into her dad who tried to get her arrested!

I have to agree with Rufus that Jenny has gone extreme with her push to make her dreams come true, but I felt like this fashion show should have proven to Rufus, the public, and Jenny herself that she really is good enough to be as driven as she is.

But Rufus would not see it that way and saw Jenny's behavior as rude, illegal, ridiculous, and very disappointing... which I suppose makes plenty of sense for a dad left in the dark about what wild things his 15-year-old daughter is up to. I thought the point of a recent episode in which Rufus was reminded of his dreams at a young age was that Rufus would realize he had to let Jenny go for it, but apparently his dad instincts are winning over his rock star inner-self.

Unfortunately, while Jenny did not actually get arrested because Lily got her off the hook, Rufus did not soften to Lily's praises (and lack of charges) quite like the police officer did. Instead, we saw the Jenny and Nate issue become somewhat of a moot point as she didn't get to talk to Vanessa, and felt the pain of her dad's lack of pride so much that she actually moved out! (To go where??)

So what will happen to Jenny now? Dan kicked out Nate as well for hooking up with Jenny, so will they find somewhere to stay together? Oh, the scandal! It seemed as if Jenny felt so badly about hurting Vanessa over Nate that maybe she won't go to Nate at this point, but it may be her best option... either that or she's going to become a very hip homeless designer. The plot thickens!

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Default avatar cat
Nov 5, 2008 2:57PM EST

I still really hope that Jenny and Nate will get together for real. Vanessa and Nate never had any chemistry in my opinion and I just don't like them together at all... I think that Jenny and Nate ooze chemistry and seem very well suited for each other. And it's also the first relationship that we've seen on this show that started out as a friendship so it may be more stable because of that if they ever date. I know it's kinda bad but I'm hoping that Jenny says 'screw it' to her loyalty to Vanessa and just goes for it!

Default avatar cat
Nov 7, 2008 12:27AM EST

same here, i love Jenny Nate, vanessa never had any chemistry whatsoever. when he kissed vanessa i cringed but when he kissed jenny it was so romantic (at the palace) and adorable, i kept re-watching it!

Default avatar cat
Nov 7, 2008 12:31PM EST

Jenny and Nate get together in the books anyway. So they are taking notes from the actually story line.

Default avatar cat
Nov 10, 2008 9:52PM EST

what on earth....most people hate jenny, esp. the combination of her and the hottest guy
plus, jenny's gotten it on with most guys, first chuck, then eric, then the gay guy... and now nate?what a hoe bag.eurgh
plus, she's 15,.... and the actress is like 14 or 13... and the guy that plays nate is like 22+....sick!

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