Episode 8, "Crime and Punishment"

For the first time in a long time, this week's Private Practice did not kick off with some kind of steamy sex scene and instead opted for murder. It was sobering and an appropriate start to an episode that is very much concerned with when life begins and when it ends. After last week's relatively upbeat episode, this week felt dark and made me sad. Ready to chat about it? Just read more.

Poor Violet. Her job is rarely done once the patient leaves her office. She's called mid-models-walking by her ex-patient Doug, who asks her to come to his house because he's shot his wife in the head. It's a pretty dramatic scene, but Violet and Sam seem to take it in stride and quickly start debating whether Doug killed her in cold blood. For the rest of the episode, Violet acts really stressed out and is rude to people in the elevator — including the new therapist working at Charlotte's fourth-floor clinic. I smell a love connection! He seems nice, and he understands her line of work and all, but . . . couldn't they have found Violet someone a little cuter? I mean, everyone else seems to get really hot significant others (Charlotte can get away with a frosting bikini, Meg's a dead ringer for Tea Leoni, Addison's brother is a stone cold fox, and SWAT guy's adorable). Just sayin'.

Then we have Pete and Meg. After last week's previews, I was positive I'd dislike Meg working at Oceanside Wellness and therefore dislike Meg herself, but the exact opposite occurred. She's smart, articulate, matter-of-fact, and a grownup, and I think she's good for Pete. However — when she's pouting to Pete about being bored and "Oh, what do people who don't work or have kids do all day?" I was thinking, "People who don't have to work and don't have kids are probably stoked, lady!" And then the way she drums up a job after Pete suggests she does so is not totally believable, but I let it go.

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