American Idol: Doin' the Charleston

American Idol hit Charleston last night!

Highlights included a brand new Idol baby, a crazy brother-sister pair, the guy who called himself "the black Clay Aiken" (pictured), the usual few tragic auditioners who refuse to leave the room after they've been rejected, the couple who met on the American Idol forums, and the girl with enormous attitude and, um, belt.

One of the auditioners was first in line on the first day of auditions, but had to take off when his wife called saying, "Honey it's time!"

The cameras followed this incredibly calm guy who drove to the hospital in a new city with not even a sign of panic. After all this calmness in the face of crisis, it seemed his audition would be a real yawner, so the anticipation of his rejection after the elation of a new baby seemed it would be crushing!

But, as it turned out, he was actually good! But not good enough for those picky judges. But did the new Idol dad care? Not really! His response to rejection was: "Well, you want to see my baby anyway?" Who was, by the way, the most adorable baby in the world!

But enough of that sweet story. Another psych-out came with the brother-sister team who were rocking out before their audition with all sorts of bizarre sounds that didn't resemble singing whatsoever. But they seemed so nice! If only they could be good! And then, miracle of miracles, they opened their mouths in the audition room and were awesome.

There was of course the dramatic moment of Randy saying yes to the brother and no to the sister, but then the apparently heart-transplanted Simon made the final call and sent them both to Hollywood. Looks like someone visited the Wizard of Oz since last season!

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