The Office 'The Surplus' Discussion: What will Angela do?

*'The Surplus' Spoilers Included!*

This week's The Office went back and forth for me between hysterical and totally weird.

The fantastic humor of The Office is in the awkward, quiet moments, but this week in 'The Surplus,' everyone was so... loud!

There was still plenty of funny in this loudness as Jim and Oscar took Michael out to lunch to return laughing like hyenas in their attempt to get Michael on their side (the new copier side) of the surplus decision, then Pam had her own loudness as she complimented Michael on everything she could to get on her chair side of the decision.

But then away from all these strange but funny moments in the office, we had Dwight showing Angela and Andy around their poop-filled wedding site. And, not so shockingly from the moment we heard Dwight say the minister didn't speak English, Dwight tricked Angela into marrying him right there!

So what do you think? Will Angela stay angry and go through with this "legal issue" she mentioned she had to deal with after making out with Andy in the office in front of everyone or will Angela get over it and return to her statement that she made a mistake choosing Andy? Will we get a real conclusion soon to all this love triangle drama?

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Dec 7, 2008 9:03AM EST

she only started dating andy to vent her frustration with dwight(sprinkles), and then she started fooling around with dwight to vent her irritation over andy(wedding), it only makes sense that when dwight pulls this little stunt, she makes out with andy (no tongue) in the middle of the office. wonder whats gonna happen when andy starts to irritate her again?

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