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ABC Family's hit series Greek returns for an all new season with an all new day and time Tuesday, August 26th at 9/8c!

What better way to celebrate Greek's return than with some Greek goodies??

Enter to win a Greek Prize Pack including:

*Greek Chapter 1 DVD Set

*Signed Poster


*Drink Koozie


(Note: Greek Chapter 1 includes Season 1, Episodes 1-10)

To enter, comment on this post with your favorite Greek Season 1 moment!

The winner will be selected and notified on Wednesday, September 3rd. Sorry, but U.S. and Canada entrants only can be selected as the winner.

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| 23:16 EDT, 02 Sep, 2008
Cappie's moment of being in The Matrix when she was helping Rusty on choosing the blue jellybean or the piece of paper, that was sooo funny!
| 19:40 EDT, 02 Sep, 2008
My favorite moment would have to be when Heath tells everyone he's gay and they're just relieved and say, "Oh man, we thought you found out Beaver hit on your sister."
| 10:51 EDT, 30 Aug, 2008
My favorite moment was the spring break episode when casey and cappie were walking on the beach towards the end and then they kiss... because you know the feelings they have for eachother are never going to go away. Can't wait for the moment they actually DO wind up together!
| 14:07 EDT, 27 Aug, 2008
Too many to count!
| 01:01 EDT, 27 Aug, 2008
anything involving pledging!
| 21:47 EDT, 25 Aug, 2008
i think my favorite moment from first season, is prob either the first episode, where a bunch of the rushees/rusty goes to each frat house and ends up at cappy's and they get scared off by the drop of the knife, that was hilarious. And another fav episode was the great gatsby party, they had to throw with the secret 'speakeasy' in the basement.
| 09:52 EDT, 25 Aug, 2008
Prolly the beach kiss for cappie and casey
| 20:22 EDT, 24 Aug, 2008
Truly hilarious = the episode where Cappie is sick. First Rebecca spends a disgusting amount of effort trying to wait on Cappie to show she's better than Cassie, to the climax when Rebecca learns that Cassie would really just drug Cappie up and climb out the window.
| 17:57 EDT, 24 Aug, 2008
My favourite moment was when Casey and the ZBZ pledges have to stay inside and all this creepy stuff happens and they all think that there's a ghost in the house!
| 16:49 EDT, 24 Aug, 2008
My favourite moment of Greek season 1 is when Cappie and the KT's dress up at Spartans for Hazing, and completely butcher the 300 speech in an attempt to be 'real'. Claiming that they did it first. It was true Cappie antics, and was really hilarious :)
| 11:05 EDT, 24 Aug, 2008
My favorite part of the season was when Cassie was trying to get out of Cappie's room and he wakes up in addition to his frat brothers clapping for her as she left the house
| 13:26 EDT, 21 Aug, 2008
I loved the ep when cappie and cassie were writing the essay and he was like its all fate that they got put together, and at the end when he was like 'i just wanna be with you' when she asked about cappies life plan.i love greek, its like a chick lit but of the telly!
| 02:07 EDT, 21 Aug, 2008
I think my favourite moment in Greek would be the time when Rusty and Cassie's parent came on campus for the freshman parent weekend. I liked the way cassie tried so hard to bust rusty's frat. And also i like how Dale actually started complaining about his parents clingyness to him, showed he was growing up.
| 23:10 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
lol, g-soldier, that was gerat, but the best moment in that episode has to be how he and beaver were "talking over the phone" and beav posed as tina whoever knew he was such an expert on women?BEAV!
| 21:01 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
Any moment with Dale is just amazing. But specifically, I liked the Spring Break scene when he pulled off to the side of the road and made Rusty and Calvin talk to each other. They've done a good job of fighting stereotypes...
| 20:35 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
When they were talking to rusty's parents in the frat house and they were using a bong as a flower vase. Classic
| 20:24 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
i love the whole thing with asleigh looking for the guy with one shoe lol!!!!!
| 20:09 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
My favorite Greek moment is when Rusty is trying to get out of his relationship with tina and his frat brothers tell him to just text her and she texts back and tells him she has crabs.......awesomely funny.
| 19:27 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
My favorite Greek season one moment is: When the creepy girl came to the Kappa Tau`s party and electricity went off... and Cappie didn`t seem to worry at all even though the girl was , basically, obsessed with him!!! :P.. Seriously all those moments with Cappie being silly or the Cappie- Casey romance going on, that`s pretty much why I`m so addicted to this show!!! :D
| 18:39 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
i think it would have to be the first moment where we meet cappie in those ridiculous boxers and the cowboy hat. it was just such a fantastic way to start off the show, exuding everything that the Greek system REALLY stands for, and was a great introduction to the whole casey/cappie drama as the banter was just so fantastic that the bit of chemistry was able to resonate, if at least for pure enjoyment over the banter.
| 18:17 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
my favorite moment from Greek is any time that we see a sensitive side of Evan. Seeing that he too has feelings and that he cares sooo much for Casey. I love them together when they are being honest about their relationship and their feelings. Season two is going to be amazing!

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