Year in Review: Top Surprises, Part 1


Lost has lost many fans over the seasons as it gets more bizarre in its mysteries, but it has kept plenty of us who just can't let go until we have our minds blown in the final finale! This year after stringing us along for 3 seasons with possibilities for the survivors to get off the island, some of the losties actually got off the island! (Cue our shocked faces for 10 minutes straight as we all watched the group from the helicopter really and truly find Penny's boat and set up a fake-out of washing up to a civilized shore. Oh and did I mention we all already had dropped jaws as Sawyer leapt from the helicopter to save everyone, then they all saw the island disappear as Ben went into some magical Narnia to move it by pushing a gigantic wheel?? Then we discovered the dead island castaway was John Locke! Thank you Lost for bringing a truly surprisingly delicious 2008 finale!


House has had medical cases that didn't just correspond with a main character's current troubles, but that are one of the main characters - but the two-part spring '08 finale brought it to a whole new intense level, leaving us all sitting on the very edges of our couches. Yes, we're talking Amber's shocking and tragic death. Even though many didn't care about Amber's character until those dramatic moments, the set-up of House being the bus crash victim, but knowing there was something important to remember, leading to - gasp - realizing that Amber was with him on the bus. Oh the agony as we followed to see why on earth Amber was with House, then discovered she couldn't be saved all because she was taking flu medication. If you'd cared about Amber or not, this storyline and the fact that she actually died, was hands-down one of the biggest shocks of the finale season.


While 2008 brought some dark times for the once ginormous hit of Heroes, the strongest rally moment was also the most shocking moment of the last few seasons - SPOILER ALERT for those not caught up - Arthur Petrelli is alive! And further spoiler alerts, is now dead - probably. Arthur Petrelli's lack of existence in the Heroes world since his "death" didn't seem to matter much until it was revealed that not only was he alive, but he was orchestrating a whole lot of evil doings - and he wasn't exactly a proud and loving papa when he fully returned and appeared to his shocked sons! Slap me silly and call me hope for the future of Heroes!

The Mentalist

While The Mentalist seemed like an interesting new show this season, it didn't seem like there was any way it would shine among the other newbies, especially with the likes of the super-hyped Fringe around. But nonetheless, The Mentalist didn't just do well enough to get a full season, it actually became this season's biggest success of the new fall shows!

Survivor: Gabon

Often on Survivor, it's the "snake" wins for playing a good game over the good guy who deserves it, but this season we got the fantastic surprise of our good-guy winner, Bob! Bob worked his way quietly, but as a mental and physical threat in challenges. This usually is cause for these good guys to go quickly, but it was not until Kenny and Crystal began running the game that Bob was really in trouble. Then Sugar realized K & C were nasty game players - and just like that, Bob and Matty were safe! And more shockingly, in the finale when it was sure Bob would go, Sugar's heart pulled through again as she forced a tie-breaker, leaving Bob in the game, and the rest is Survivor history.

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Dec 19, 2008 7:36PM EST

Count me among the lost Lost. Does that make me a Lostee? Didn't the writers once tell everyone that there was a logical explanation for everything? Or did I imagine that?Regardless, I have only so many hours available to watch shows, and with so many new, enticing, brilliantly done shows around, Lost just... well... lost it... and me.

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Dec 26, 2008 6:27PM EST

I love the first three! some of my all time faves!

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