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As the new fall season approaches it's bringing us the all new, much anticipated 90210 series on The CW!

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"An edgy, contemporary spin-off of the iconic drama Beverly Hills 90210, the new 90210 looks at life through the eyes of Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes, Degrassi: The Next Generation) and her brother Dixon (Tristan Wilds, The Wire), whose first day at West Beverly Hills High School leaves no doubt they're not in Kansas anymore."

With this new show approaching, take a look back at the original sensational hit of Beverly Hills 90210 with this giveaway of an entire Beverly Hills 90210 5 Season DVD Box Set!

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Default avatar cat
Aug 13, 2008 4:15PM EDT

one of my favorite over-the-top dramatic moments was in the season 2 premiere; where brenda has a pregnancy scare!!from her telling him she thinks she's pregnant (nothing beats the line "i thought you said we did everything right"!) to her blowing up at dylan for suggesting she goes on the pill, and then momma walsh finding the pregnancy test, to their break up, its all so ridiculously dramatic, it's so hilarious! and yet even still, im pained to see them break up. the synthesis of those two qualities is what i love about 90210!

Default avatar cat
Aug 13, 2008 4:24PM EDT

This Series is going to be sooo amazing!i am sooo happy two of my favorite actress's (Jennie Garth!!! and Shannen Doherty) from the original 90210 will be appearing in this new rendition of itThe CW is deff on the cutting edge as far as tv shows go this year!!

Default avatar cat
Aug 13, 2008 6:14PM EDT

My favorite BH 90210 drama filled moment involves Gina and Donna. Gina who came on the BH scene as Donna's cousin and quickly stirred the pot I call trouble was later revealed to be the half-sister of Donna! Gina was found out to be the illegetimate daughter of Dr. Martin and and her mother.
That was definitely a juicy take the cake moment for me in all my years of watching the show.
Good entries so far - brings back tons of memories.

Default avatar cat
Aug 13, 2008 7:30PM EDT

the most 'dramalicious' moment would have to be at the beginning of season 5 where you learn that not only has Brenda decided to stay in London, but Dylan has reverted back to his old days and is drinking like a sailor after his "family" ran off with his family, AND we are introduced to bad girl Valerie
all in one episode too--although, that was also were the show jumped the shark and went on to become terrible, lol.

Default avatar cat
Aug 14, 2008 2:16AM EDT

my favorite dramalicious BH 90210 moment of all time HAS to be when kelly is at the boutique, and her rapist comes in asking for kelly, matt's girlfriend...realizing its the man who raped her she panics, he turns around to lock the door when he realizes its her, slings his knife open and then as he turns around, BANG BANG BANG...she shoots him dead. fo' fave. at the time, i NEVER saw that coming, even tho i knew she was caring a gun...i was oblivious haha =]

Default avatar cat
Aug 16, 2008 4:18PM EDT

how can anyone possible enter just one favorite drama ridden moment from a show that just brings the drama like none other. however think i would have to go with the episode when Scott accidentally shoots himself on his birthday, very dramatic.... don't know why they had to kill off the character to make it okay for the friendship to part with him and David, but it left it open for some more plot lines later on too.

Default avatar cat
Aug 18, 2008 10:28AM EDT

I honestly can't just pick one moment! Me and my sister LOVE this show. We grew up watching it and we still watch it on TV to this day! We are so excited for the new series to come out. I'm just upset that Tori Spelling will not be doing the show! That is okay though, the drama and love fest will still continue!

Default avatar cat
Aug 18, 2008 2:25PM EDT

I love 90210 and am so excited for the new show! My favorite episode was where it turns out that Dylan's dad is not dead but in the Witness Protection program. I also like the one where Brenda dyes her hair blond!

Default avatar cat
Aug 20, 2008 12:37PM EDT

My favorite dramalicious moment has got to be Spring Dance from the first season when so much was going on. Brenda and Dylan finally make love, Donna announces that she does like David (and proves it with a very passionate kiss!), Steve reveals he's adopted, Kelly acknowledge the fact it can't always be about her, Andrea comes to the dance willingly, and Brandon proves to be a good friend overall. You could say this is one of the most memorable, if not dramatic episodes of all. So much is going on that there is not just one focus, and that makes it a great episode. (My favorite moment is indeed Brenda and Dylan' fave couple from the show, of course!)

Default avatar cat
Aug 23, 2008 11:19AM EDT

My favorite BH 90210 moment would have to be when Brenda is at the Peach Pit alone when the place is robbed. Her over-the-top reaction to everyone asking if she's ok, her flashes back to the incident, and her nightmares were so dramatic! And then Brandon and Dylan's overwhelming guilt for not being there just added to the drama.I'm sure I will have a new favorite soon, though, I've been trying to rewatch BH 90210 before the new show starts!

Default avatar cat
Aug 23, 2008 2:05PM EDT

my favorite beverly hills 90210 moment is when Brenda finds the diary in her room and reads it and she is imagining that it is all of her friends in the 60's. it was such an awesome episode!! the 60's was like the greatest time period ever and just add the cast from 0210 it was awesome!!! and kelly was all crazy on acid!!!!! and Brenda FINALLY realizes how much she loves dylan!!!

Default avatar cat
Aug 23, 2008 3:19PM EDT

my favorite episode was the one where all the girls were going to be in the fashion show with their mothers, but Kelly's mom was so drunk she started heckling the audience from the runway. Classic! That was when Bren realized that Kelly's mom wasn't as cool as she thought and it was insight to the dysfunctions in Kelly's everyday life. She was the adult and her mother was the child. That is why she is so controlling - she can't control her mother.
Plus, the dresses they wore on the runway were Dynasty-Fabulous with their beading and their shoulder pads! Uh, what a horribly fashionable episode.

Default avatar cat
Aug 23, 2008 5:25PM EDT

my favorite episode was the christmas one where steve goes to new mexico to find his real mom and brenda befreinds santa and dylan goes to see his dad in jail. then the whole gang gathers at the walsh household and sing carols.

Default avatar cat
Aug 24, 2008 4:20PM EDT

My favorite 90210 memory was prom night when Donna was drunk and her friends tried to help her leave before she was caught. I guess I liked this episode because Donna Martin was always a good girl (well basically) not including the SAT result episode when she was cutting classes. Also the next episode when all her friends along with the school rallied for her to graduate.

Aug 27, 2008 3:11AM EDT

When Dylan married Toni in the ocean-side ceremony, and then she got shot minutes later by the guy who was aiming for his dad! so sad!

Default avatar cat
Aug 27, 2008 2:06PM EDT

Wasn't there an episode where Donna was almost kicked out of school and everyone rallied around her? Wow I haven't seen these is a long time.

Default avatar cat
Aug 28, 2008 12:43AM EDT

I would have to say the best all time episode was on season one the episode It's Only a Test....when Kelly, Brenda and Donna do the Test in the book and Brenda finds a lump...It just goes to show women that they it could be any age to find something like that but it never hurts to get checked out and in Brenda's case it was a mass but it could be anyone.

Default avatar cat
Sep 18, 2008 4:08AM EDT

one of my favorites episodes would be from season one episode 14 where brenda plays laverne and is singing and dancing to its my party she is amazing at it and it makes you wanna get up and dance i love this show

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