Melrose Place Season 1, Episode 1: 'Pilot' Review - Featured

This season's much anticipated new CW revamp (clearly because of the success of last season's 90210), Melrose Place premiered its Pilot episode last night!

So while 90210 isn't the most thrilling drama of all time, it measured up plenty last season as a delicious new fluffy CW drama, so can Melrose Place do the same?

On first impression from the Pilot, I'll go with a very strong 'maybe.' The cast is decent with my favorite so far being Michael Rady of Greek, Swingtown, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and plenty more as struggling filmmaker, Jonah Miller. I also like his, as of the end of the premiere, fiance, Riley, as these two seem like the most interesting and three-dimensional characters of the bunch.

My only worry with those two is that being the solid couple, they could get a little boring. But, as long as they have a little more relationship drama and career drama, I think they'll remain some of the more likable characters.

The rest of the main cast includes Ashlee Simpson Wentz as the clueless new girl in town, Ella the young talent agent who made it with the help of the now dead landlady, Lauren the sweet struggling med student, David the angsty rich boy, and Auggie, the seemingly sweet, mysterious hottie. They all seem like they could become interesting characters, but so far the character development for most of them was so focused on the landlady murder mystery that it'll take a few more episodes to get a better feel for the characters beyond their relationship with the landlady and why they may have or definitely did not kill her.

While the characters seem like they have plenty of potential, the plot looks like it may suffer considering they felt the need to kick off the series with a murder mystery. Honestly, if a show needs a murder mystery to kick up the drama so much in the first episode, I can't imagine they have a whole lot of further interesting plot to work with.

I never watched the original Melrose Place, so maybe I'm expecting something different than what fans of the original would want, so if that's the case, sound off in the comments!

Otherwise, as far as a new show in general, I felt the plot was promising to get a little shaky around the murder drama, but maybe we'll see much more develop as we move along so that won't be a concern.

The other plot point I was not a fan of was good girl Lauren deciding to sleep with the guy from the hospital for $5,000 towards her med school bills. I felt like that was just done to show us that the characters weren't going to be dull or one-dimensional such as having the good girl always doing the right thing.

We don't need a whole cast of unpredictable characters who are almost all going to do crazy things. I didn't even get the impression from the guy's original offer that he meant if she had sex with him, he'd give her his "donation," but I suppose that's what it would come across as even though he was trying to be more subtle by saying he just wanted to hang out with her in his luxurious hotel room.

While that love life drama was a little out there, I did like the tension of Ella "secretly" having feelings for Jonah. While I really like Jonah and Riley together, a little love triangle tension can always do a CW drama good!

Overall, I found the pilot lacking mostly because of its reliance on the murder mystery, but the characters were decently developed and the plot has hope for what it's meant to be. What did you think? Did the pilot get you hooked or are you disappointed in this revamp of the classic show?



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Sep 14, 2009 8:14AM EDT

I thought the pilot was alright, too early to say anything more specific about the character development or plot.The people themselves seem to be interesting enough, more than those on 90210.I didn't like Ashlee Simpson's acting though. She should have stuck to singing. Acting is not her strong point.
The end scene, with Auggie burning stained clothes, is obviously a try to lead the spectator's in the wrong direction. I'm pretty certain it was not him, who killed Lauren and that there will be some (un)expected twist towards the end of the season, showing who really did it, or even better for the cast, that it was an accident, so in the end nobody will have to go to prison.Please writers, humor me!

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Sep 14, 2009 9:39AM EDT

(who killed Sydney i meant)

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