True Blood Season 2, Episode 5 'Never Let Me Go' Review - Featured

Last week's True Blood was pretty action-packed, but this week on 'Never Let Me Go,' it was more about the set-up for the big drama to come... but yet somehow it was still a thrilling and fantastic episode!

After last week's 'Shake and Fingerpop,' we were left with the revelations of Mary Ann being the scratch-tastic monster, Daphne knowing about Sam's secret, that the Light of Day Institute wanted to kidnap Sookie, and that there's at least one other telepath.

But while all those revelations were dealt with, not a whole lot of plot progressed this week. Sookie got to chat with her fellow telepath, but all that came of it was her not able to convince him to be her telepath buddy, and him running away from her by quitting his job at the hotel. As for Mary Ann, we didn't learn much more but that she's not about to let Tara out of her grips (but we don't really know why), and she can control more situations than just crazy parties.

The Sam and Daphne situation was a little more developed as we found out from their jaunt into the woods at the end of the party that she doesn't just know that Sam's a shape-shifter, but she's one too! Now I'm very curious about this because, yes, we saw her do it, but could this be a trick of Mary Ann's?

Could Mary Ann have some trap she's trying to lure Sam into by making Daphne a fake shape-shifter? And if she just is and always has been a shape-shifter, when is it going to become a big deal that she has those scratches on her back? It's a little curious that Sam hasn't asked her yet, but hopefully that's going to be included in the excitement that this episode seemed to be building up to.

Other big excitement this episode was leading up to was how the vampire gang plus Sookie were going to find out what happened to Godric which is going to include Sookie infiltrating the Light of Day Institute to get into their thoughts.

Now this should be interesting considering Jason's big involvement there! I suppose that means the Institute didn't actually know who Sookie was by name or face when they set up to kidnap her at the airport, but probably just somehow knew there was a human coming with vampires.

It seems the army Jason's training for is going to be to kill vampires, so considering they hired a random driver to kidnap Sookie, maybe kidnapping humans who associate with vampires is a side-project, or another form of recruitment for their institute for those not as willing and brain-washable like Jason.

So how do you imagine everything will go down when Sookie gets to the Light of Day Institute? They seem to have a good plan going with her appearing under a different name with a fiance, but if they do have any record of who they were trying to kidnap, could they possibly know who Sookie is? Also, what will happen when Jason sees her? Will he give her away as a vampire-lover now that he's so dedicated to his new life?

Will we see further development for Jason as far as actually going out on a mission and seeing what this "army of God" is up to? Will we see more of what Mary Ann is up to including with Daphne?

This was definitely an exciting episode with some further revelations, but most of all tantalizing set-up for some danger and thrills next week! Comment away with your thoughts and predictions!



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Jul 20, 2009 10:22PM EDT

A lot of revelations were made this past ep and I loved it!
I was wondering the same thing too about Daphne's scars and if it had anything to do with Mary Ann. For Sam's sake I hope not. Just what exactly is Mary Ann? I hope they reveal it soon.
And everytime I see Jason I want to slap him! I mean how can he buy into this 'Army of God' crap! Using religion to promote violence! Seriously Jason, Wake Up!
I CANNOT wait for next ep!!

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Jul 21, 2009 12:08AM EDT

Mary Ann is just TOO interested in Tara getting it on with 'what's his name'... I think maybe because she wants something out of it (... a baby perhaps?) and I'm not sure why this whole "maker" thing is a big deal...
Is it some loyalty issue or is there something more?
I'll be counting the days 'til next week's episode!! :D

Jul 21, 2009 7:34AM EDT

it was a bit quiet which was a shame wish they would get rid of that god lot mary anne is awesome i want her to be a big part of the show not just a season or 2 oh and they should make Lafayette back to how he was on the first season he was much funnier

Jul 21, 2009 12:07PM EDT

That lady at the end of the episode was Bills maker right?Mary Ann needs to die, i know its something up with her...Sam needs to find out whats up with DaphneI hope Jason doesnt spoil the mission for sookie

Default avatar cat
Jul 21, 2009 5:06PM EDT

I don't think Jason and Sookie will meet up yet, but something will go very wrong on Sookie's mission, and I think Jason will be told that his sister is helping the Vampire's in their plight against the LODI.
I think we are going to start to hate Bill's maker quite a bit and quite soon.
Oh, and I think Mary Ann is controlling Daphne to lure Sam into a trap (I don't get why though), but I think Daphne is actually a Shape Shifter (and thats why Mary Ann chose her). And there is definately a lot more to Eggs than meets the eye (notice how when asked about why he follows around Mary Ann he simply flipped the question back to Tara and avoided it?)
And my last prediction at this point is that Barry is going to be at the Light Of Day Church when Sookie gets there.

Default avatar cat
Aug 24, 2009 8:43AM EDT

sometimes i just dont understand whom to watch and whom to not. but after many considerations i have realised that its actually bill crompton for whom i wait for the whole week. anyways eric is also no less.

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