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Burn Notice keeps surprising me as Season 3 so far has shown that this show has a lot left to give, and is only getting stronger every season unlike many a show that deteriorates.

This week in 'End Run', I still really enjoyed the element of tension around Detective Paxson's investigation, and it looks like next week it'll only get more involved and intense which I'm looking forward to. But in 'End Run,' most of the episode's drama and tension ended up being around the return of black market dealer Brennen to blackmail Michael into doing his dirty work.

This blackmail included who Detective Paxson thought she could use for some dirty details as well, Michael's brother Nate. But here's the thing about holding someone like Michael's brother for blackmail - we know Michael cares about his brother and he's a good guy who wouldn't let his brother die, but they really don't have a strong enough connection, and Nate hasn't been developed enough for the audience to care about what happens to him. I wanted Nate to live not because I would be sad to see the character go, but because I didn't want Michael to have a guilt like that consuming him if something went wrong and his brother were killed because of him.

I suppose that's strong enough to make an intriguing situation, but when Fiona or Sam are in trouble, I'm far more nervous than I was this episode with Nate in trouble.

Nonetheless, it was interesting to see Michael operate at someone else's mercy, and then not only come up with some great characters to make his tasks work including a drunken window washer requiring him to slice himself with glass, he also came up with a genius way to blackmail Brennen right back. He discovered Brennen had a young daughter he could use to weasel has way out from under Brennen's thumb. Phew!

But of course, we can't end with all conflicts resolved, so we wrapped up with Detective Paxson appearing again to update Michael on her concerning progress... dun, dun, dun! So what will Michael do next week to try to convince Paxson he's "on the right side of the law?"

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Jun 21, 2009 3:37AM EDT

honestly i had higher hopes for nate the entire episode- i expected him to discover the guy he was with was a thug and realize something was wrong. you know, not necessarily possessing the intelligence, but maybe the awareness. i was expecting a much more climactic turn around (not that an assassin bluff wasn't ... interesting). oh, and as for this deceive woman, i like her, but whats her deal, and whats her beef with mike? ('sides the occasional explosion) far as i can tell mike punished her for being over zealous this episode.

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