Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List is Back!

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List returned to Bravo last night for Kathy's fourth season!

So, yeah, maybe she's not incredibly D-List anymore now that she's had a show for four seasons, travels the country doing her comedy, has a big ol' house, and most important and glorious of all - has an Emmy!

But D-List she pretty much stays, though I'd say she's probably the most famous D-Lister you're going to get. So we learn from her that D-List is really a state of mind and heart, which isn't thinking negatively of yourself, but keepin' it real and continuing to laugh at yourself no matter what.

Oh, who knew we could get such life lessons from a crazy woman who bashes celebrities for a living! But that's just why we love her.

As the season opened, Kathy was doing well for herself, dating Steve Wozniak, the Apple billionaire (though sadly they've broken up since), she's hosting CNN's New Year's Eve live with Anderson Cooper, and Life on the D-List is up for a Producers Guild Award!

So among all this glory, we have Jessica getting wasted at New Year's from Team Griffin's drinking game of taking a shot every time Kathy calls the refined Anderson Cooper "Andy," Kathy's mom meeting Steve and chatting away about why computer technology needs to stop because it's ruining our lives, and Kathy presenting an award to The Colbert Report... for which no one was there.

So yeah, things remain pretty awesomely D-List for Kathy despite her increasing fame. It looks like we have a great season ahead of us with plenty more Team Griffin and Mother Griffin incidents, and maybe just a little more "Jesus can suck it," so clearly, lots to look forward to for our fav D-Lister!

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Jun 16, 2008 11:19PM EDT

My personal favorite moment was her response to Planet Earth winning the Producer's Guild award over her own show. Classy awards show behavior, Kathy! Way to be the one to say things as they are, as I fully agree that an Oprah endorsement is gold and has vastly contributed to Planet Earth's success.

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