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I had to check the listings to verify, but Lord in heaven, we just had a sweet, sweet episode of "Fringe" that wasn't instantly followed by a lengthy hiatus. This might be a first, people. Chock full of mythological goodness, some genuine creeps, and an awfully familiar sounding William Bell, chalk this episode up in the "epic win" column.

Annie Lennox once helpfully informed us that sweet dreams are made of this, but Olivia Dunham's dreams are made of death. Lately, her dreams have eerily matched some gruesome endings in New York City. At first, she fears she's turned into a type of Freddy Krueger, but she's not causing the deaths; she's in fact an invited guest to witness them.

Inviting her? A man named Nick Lane, a former mental patient with what looks to be a four-month old scar around his left temple. Why do I assume it's four months old? Because that's the time a mysterious lawyer showed up to his hospital and helped convince Nick to leave. He's what Walter calls a "reverse empath," able to infect people with his emotions. When he's happy, the whole world smiles with him. When he's sad, it's Smiths records and scented candles for everyone.

Why is he sending Olivia nocturnal greetings? Because they were once study buddies at Bell and Bishop's School for the Talented and Cortexiphan'ed. While Olivia's childhood time there has been erased from her memory, Nick's impressions remain intact. And what he recalls is a nearly word-for-word regurgitation of the infamous ZFT manifesto, written on Walter Bishop's typewriter that spoke of the upcoming interdimensional war for survival. Not only does Nick have passages written on his wall, but he also adhered religiously to the ZFT's physical fitness regime and dress code.

Problem is, he's a soldier without a war to wage. Waiting his entire life for the call to service drove him a little batty, and it's clear that the "lawyer" that activated his brain doesn't belong to the ZFT-worshipping sect that counts Mr. Jones as a member. Nick's mental bonding with his dear old friend "Olive" finally brought Olivia's past experimentation to light for the Bishop Boys. Moreover, it led Walter to dig up an absolutely riveting videotape that might become the Zaputer film for "Fringe" fans...


'Fringe': Olivia burns the floor...and much more

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Apr 22, 2009 7:13PM EDT

I agree, one of the best episodes (if not the best), and I can't wait to see how far they can take this. Fringe just got validated in my book!

Default avatar cat

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Apr 22, 2009 8:15PM EDT

i agree but stil i hate that they always have to put those "blow you away"-things at the end of an episode, while they sometimes don't even mention it in the next episode (like observer with the bald child)
But with the season-finale at reach, we can hope that at least this time, we can hope to get a peek on "walter&william - the early years"
especially considering the fact that the upcoming episode is supposed to be about burned people and walters tape kind off implied that there "could" be a connection (and if there could be a connection, in fringe there IS a connection)

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