True Blood Season 2, Episode 7: 'Release Me' Review - Featured

After last week's True Blood, I was both excited and skeptical of what was to come this week in 'Release Me.'

The last few episodes have given some good buildup to the Jason-Sarah storyline, the Sam-Daphne-Mary Ann mystery, and the Fellowship of the Sun's vampire-hating plans.

After last week, I was excited to see if Bill and the other vampires would swoop in on the Fellowship of the Sun to save Sookie and Hugo, and what on earth would happen when the Fellowship was actually faced with the power of the vampires.

Unfortunately on the Sookie and Hugo front, this episode was just more buildup for when the Fellowship and the vampires confront each other, but we did get some juicy revelations out of the situation. Sookie discovered after some time locked up with Hugo that he was the one who betrayed the vampires and her. Hugo really was with Isabel, but he decided somewhere along the line with her that she was really just using her powers over him and using him, and he wanted to fight against all that by joining the Fellowship of the Sun.

I was curious if it was just because of the kidnap attempt that Rev. Steve knew who Sookie was, but as it turned out, it was the little snitch Hugo who found out about Sookie's plans with the vampires, and volunteered himself to go along with Sookie to reveal her as a human traitor.

I wonder, then, why Steve locked up Hugo as well. Hugo started yelling after Sookie found out that he could be let out since she knew, but I wonder why it even mattered for her to still be fooled for that time they were locked up.

Whatever the reason, that quickly didn't matter so much as, skipping to the end of the episode for a moment here, Sookie was attacked by the Fellowship's thug, Gabe, as he tried to "show her what she'd been missing," then thankfully, we heard the vampire swoop as her savior appeared! But was it Bill? No - Godric!

So if Godric was free enough to swoop around saving helpful humans in danger, wouldn't that mean he wasn't really being held captive by the Fellowship? Now that's a big mystery I'm looking forward to learning much more about!

It looks like next week will finally be the vampire-Fellowship showdown we've been waiting for, so that should be pretty thrilling to see if there's actually a fight.

I'm also dying to know what happened to Jason who may have escaped from Gabe, but then Sarah found him and... shot him?? The scene was slowed down, dramatic, and muted, so it's possible that wasn't an actual gun, but if it was a tranquilizer or something of that sort, she's certainly up to something questionable.

As for what I was feeling skeptical about from last week's episode, that was the route they were going with Sam and Daphne ending up at a very bizarre sacrificial orgy. I love True Blood for being so creative and always bringing in intriguing new oddities, but this was feeling like it wasn't trying that hard to be unique, and was also a little too weird.

So while that situation is still odd, I'm re-intrigued as Sam was able to escape thanks to Andy (who would've thought!), then he confronted Daphne to find out she was indeed under Mary Ann's control, and it seems Mary Ann is a "god" of pleasurable things, aka a/the devil. I'm still not loving that whole idea since True Blood has been more about fantasy than getting into morals/religion, but I suppose the Fellowship of the Sun already introduced dealing with religion in more fun and extreme ways, so I can deal with Mary Ann being devilish as well.

I was glad to hear from it all that Mary Ann wasn't particularly looking to kill Sam since I don't want to see his character go, but since we saw Mary Ann later have a mind-controlled Eggs kill Daphne, things are looking down again for Sam. I really liked the addition of Daphne, but she became a lot less interesting once her true nature was revealed, so I think the storyline is fine without her. What I'm not fine with, though, besides Sam being in danger, is Eggs being Mary Ann's hit man! Why if she was standing right there, did she need Eggs to stab Daphne?

Wow, all this drama is exhausting, but awesome! We were left at the end of the episode with the previously mentioned set-up of the vampire-Fellowship face-off, the probable death of Sookie's mind-reading buddy because he delivered her message to Bill who swooped off leaving him to Bill's maker, the probable inclusion of Bill in the Fellowship face-off, and then who knows what to come for Jason and Sam.

I'm assuming just about everything will come together except for the Sam and Mary Ann situation unless she's somehow part of the Fellowship.

So what do you think? Will the Fellowship's ceremony end in vampire deaths and the beginning of a battle between human and vampires or will Bill, Godric, Eric, and a few others just overpower the entire situation and show the Rev. and his army who's boss?



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Aug 4, 2009 1:01AM EDT

I like your review but I have to disagree on one point, True Blood has been about morals from the start!

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Aug 4, 2009 12:56PM EDT

I'd also like to add that Maryann is'nt The Devil, but one of his handmaidens. Dionysus is referred to as The Devil since he/she/it represents all that is morally wrong in humans, also known as the god of drink and forgot the name Daphne gives her...anyone remember?)So i guess True Blood has gone to the Devil in a hand!Cant wait!!!

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