American Idol: Neil Diamond Week Makes Paula Blunderific

This week on American Idol, Neil Diamond came to town to remind us all that he's still around, since he has a new CD coming out, and to remind us that many of our final 5 are NOT awesome.

Maybe I'm just really, really bitter about the real talent of Carly going last week, but as many have said, this is the flaw of a show where the viewers vote instead of the judges.

It makes it more interesting, but for those of us who haven't watched for a few seasons, it's hard to readjust to the fact that some amazing talent will go just because there's a cute boy who the voting public likes better.

So, last night we had the contestants sing two Neil Diamond songs which left the judges completely confused - especially our dear spaced out Paula. Wow, Paula, wow.

What amazes me more than the fact that Paula was chatting away after the first performances to Jason Castro about his TWO performances, is that everyone just let her go on for quite a while before telling her they've only done one performance.

So, as usual, there's plenty of Paula-bashing out there since she's completely insane, but there's of course always the possibility that she saw the practices or something and was commenting from that. Okay, she's probably just crazy.

Randy and Simon got their words in on the first performances while Paula was basically passed over after her disaster, which is really for the best anyway.

The first performances treated everyone reasonably well, though no one was awesome. David Cook was great of course, and I guess David Archuleta was as well, and Syesha did alright. Jason and Brooke definitely suffered, though, especially Brooke with "Believer." Basically, the song was a rushing river and she fell off the boat, to say it lightly.

Simon reminded the contestants after these pretty lame first performances that they were the final five and they needed to give a performances of a lifetime for the next round, and some of them stepped up to the plate!

David Cook's second round was amazing with "All I Really Need Is You." Paula said she felt like she was already looking at the American Idol - yeah, Paula, we all do except the other contestants' families.

Brooke saved herself with her second performance, ditching the guitar and cheeriness for the piano and slower tune of "I Am...I Said." After last week's Evita disaster, she reminded us why we like her, because her being human really isn't a good enough reason to keep her in at this point.

David Archuleta brought back the Kristy Lee Cook American vibe we all missed ever so much with "America," though he did it far better than Miss Cook could've, and Syesha did pretty well with round 2, though she didn't pull out anything very impressive on either performance. Jason falls into the same category of being relatively unimpressive, though that darn dopey grin kept the girls screaming. Sure, he's still a great singer, but enough already!

It looks like it could be a toss up for who's eliminated tonight. The ladies are still lovin' them some Jason, everyone's still loving Brooke for being such a sweetheart, and Syesha is somehow holding on by her slightly amped up performances the last few weeks.

It seems David Cook and David Archuleta will remain safe, and probably keep on keepin' on until the final three, if not the final two. So which inadequate contestant will be going tonight? My bets will go with Syesha, considering the favor towards Jason and Brooke, but you never know with the surprise eliminations that have come along the last few weeks!

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Apr 30, 2008 5:11PM EDT

Ohhh Paula... Why is your name becoming synonymous with Train Wreck? And really people? Jason Castro's still in? C'mon now.

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