Episode Review: Defying Gravity Season 1, Episode 3 "Threshold"

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Episode three wasn't quite as good as the two they debuted last week, but mostly only due to the lack of any particular narrative tension. The ship wasn't in peril, the crew weren't in (imminent) peril, there's not a lot of risk, hence not a lot of tension, but it was still a pretty solid episode, if rather low key. A character episode rather than a major arc episode. Still pretty as hell, well directed, solidly acted, if perhaps not exactly compelling.


In 2047:

The newly-selected Antares cadets are still getting to know each other, and Donner tries to flirt with Zoe, who shoots him down. The crew is instructed to practice using a "HALO" device - "Hormone And Libido Oppressors" - a skin-patch that's supposed to quell the sex drive for long space voyages. They're told to use them for a set period. Zoe doesn't, since she's afraid it might adversely affect her baby, but everyone else does. The girls get to talking about how alpha-males are inherently stupid, and invariably think they can beat the drugs, so they decide to make a little money off of it. The always rather annoying Jen Crane suggests that if any of the men can manage the gallant reaction, they'll win, knowing full well that it's biologically impossible. The guys are all in, even the Israeli doctor who knows full-well it's useless. Everyone goes to a stripper bar for an evening of gyrating pelvises and lap dances and other debauchery - presumably Canadian hookers abound - but, alas, none of the guys can even get the flag to half-mast though they're all trying. Most of the girls appear rather disgusted by the atmosphere in the place. Paula, the very Catholic one, is offended. Zoe decides to check out when a waitress puts the moves on her. Nadia, the German one, seems to be enjoying herself however, and Jen is enjoying herself in a backhanded way, as it allows her to condescend to those around her, comparing it to research in an alien world - the minds of men - or perhaps some weird barbaric culture. This seems to annoy Nadia, who immediate rips off her shirt and starts walking towards the guys. "You're not going to help them beat us, are you?"

"Of course not," says Nadia, "I just enjoy getting naked."

She puts the moves on Donner, who makes eye contact with Zoe, and decides to leave. She merely makes eye contact with AJ, who immediately...uhm...causes the guys to win.

Rollie hits on Jen fumblingly, but the pass is intercepted by Shaw, so he ends up taking Puking Paula home while Shaw, Jen, and the rest go out for more drinking.

At the bus stop afterwards, Donner again tries to work something out with Zoe, and she again blows him off.

The next day, at the space center, he attributes it all to heavy drinking, and apologizes. She forgives him. Meanwhile, Shaw and Jen start making out in the arboritum.

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EPISODE REVIEW: Defying Gravity: "Threshold" (Episode 3)


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Aug 16, 2009 5:09AM EDT

I'm interested in the storyline of the Indian (AJ?) astronaut who is being cut out of everything. Why? Are the humans acting against the 'wishes' of the unseen force (which will need to come out a bit more soon or will become boring) by cutting him out? He seems to be too big a character to just be dropped. Methinks he will be important in the future.

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