Branch Wars: The Office Capers Strike Again!

What I learned from last night's The Office:

1)Break-ups are much less awkward when a guy wears women's clothing and a mustache for the first break-up run-in.

2) Always kidnap employees and make them do illegal things for a good time.

3) Office clubs can make or break life-long friendships.

4) Jim should have been born as Oliver Twist's hot and humorous twin brother.

5) Roy's moved on nicely to defying gravity... oh wait... that was Grey's Anatomy... and Ugly Betty.

(Really though, watch Grey's - Roy showed up as a sky diver who fell 12,000 feet and lived!)

6) Peeing in a car can be safe and fun (especially if it's your boss's) as long as you have good aim... unlike Dwight.

7) Always tell your valued employees that you can't give them a raise as they sit next to your life-size dummy.

And finally, branch wars are only funny if you don't get caught. And crushed by a giant printer. And discovered by your ex-girlfriend who hates you. Oh, and if the other branch is actually in on the war too.

But now seriously, I must say, I feel a little bad for Karen. Oh wait, no for Jim. Or Karen. Is a heartbreak and crying for weeks better or worse than being found on your ex's company property in a women's jumpsuit, a fake mustache, and while playing an insanely immature prank that you were kidnapped to do?

That's a tricky one indeed. Until next time, Office Capers.