Amazing Race 12 Premiere: Hippies, Lesbians, and Goths, oh my!

The Amazing Race returns and the competition is, well, weirder than ever!

The places the teams get to travel to are always fascinating, but the big draw of the show is definitely the drama between the teams and the teammates.

And it looks like we're off to a good start. We have a goth couple who wear matching pink zebra shirts, a grandpa and his 23-year-old pilot grandson, and a lesbian couple who are ministers.

There's a crazy hippie couple, and a father-daughter pair there to bond.

Then of course there are the typical pairs like the on-edge young couple who quickly discover they just might break up after this if they don't kill each other first, a kind and fun brother-sister pair, the hot blond girls ready to kick butt with beauty, and sisters ready to do the same.

And, as expected, many true colors came bursting through as the race began... or rather, when it came to a stand-still for a few teams. All were doing pretty well and showing if they were going to be naughty or nice in this competition all while having a great time riding suspended bikes too many feet up in the air and driving like mad to the airports.

Then the teams had to load up some donkeys and take them down a path to the finishing point. And the stubborn mules came shining through (I mean the donkeys, not the couple that continually yelled at each other).

As the angry couple and bff's yelled at their donkeys and got no results, the nice people trotted on by... interesting.

So, as it turned out after all this, the not-so-nice bff's were the first to go home. They would have been fun to keep around for a while, but I was happy to see them go over seeing the heartbreak of the road ending so soon for the grandpa or other older contestants.

Hopefully they can continue to stick it out and not all drive each other crazy! (Okay, actually here's hoping they do!)


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