The Riches Finale: "The Lying King"

With The Riches cut short this season from the WGA strike, we wrapped up Season 2 last night with Episode 7, "The Lying King."

The Malloys were all over the place in this finale, with Cael already gone and hanging out at the travelers' camp, then Didi taking off after discovering from Wayne and Dahlia's fight at Jim's funeral that Pete was dead. Didi spent the episode with her new boyfriend-ish security boy which was adorable and a little nerve-wracking as they were sneaking around people's houses again, but this time moved slightly beyond making out in a santuary like last week to sleeping together in some rich couple's new bed shipped in from France.

While Didi was enjoying some romance, Wayne and Dahlia definitely were not. Last week we saw just how far Dahlia's fallen when she took drugs at Jim's party, but you'd think Jim's death and the desire to comfort Nina would be enough to snap her out of it - but no such luck.

Instead, after not getting any answer from calling Cael or even Didi (since she was a little busy), Dahlia was about to turn to drugs, which are not surprisingly very available in her new apartment building.

So recently, we've had a lot of skipping around with everyone trying to call everyone else in the family and having no idea what's happening with anyone else... and nothing changed this time. Dahlia decided she didn't want the drugs, and went to stalk down her parole officer instead while Wayne was running around like a maniac trying to get Hugh elected as mayor and to clear up the little construction "accident" of a man crushed under a huge beam that fell from a broken chain.

Wayne seemed to be solving his problems by hiring a new construction company and ridding the site of the annoying travelers still trying to take over, but Dahlia discovered she was actually in more of a mess as she visited her parole officer's home who caught her and then kissed her! Wow, well, that was kind of implied before, but a pretty annoying twist, though I guess nothing can be easy.

I guess that explains why he hasn't put out any warrant for her arrest, though, so I suppose it was a necessary twist to keep Dahlia out of jail. But, it may not help her out since she rightfully turned him down.

At the travelers' camp, things were shaping up pretty nicely as Quinn stopped a fight in the camp and made a big deal out of travelers no longer fighting among themselves, using himself and Cael as an example of how previously feuding families can get along. Then Quinn took another step towards possible goodness as he told Cael to give his mom a call.

This call worked out well for saving Dahlia from the emotional breakdown she was having, but it sure didn't help out the safety of the Malloy family as Quinn later took the sleeping Cael's phone to call Wayne.

Dun, dun, dun... while Wayne thought he had the upper-hand in the situation with the visiting travelers, he found out very quickly that he did not with Quinn's call revealing himself as the head of this operation and that he had Wayne's son. Again, dun, dun, dun!

So while the kids are all working things out for themselves, including Sam making a girl friend who happily accepted him and dressed him up as a girl, the Malloy parents have found themselves in far, far deeper than they can possibly dig out now.

But isn't that exactly how we ended last season as the family was running away from Eden Falls? This shortened season still measured up to the first with some awesome drama, so there's plenty to look forward to when Season 3 comes around!

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May 1, 2008 8:18AM EDT

when will season 3 be back? I love this show but the seasons are far too short!

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Sep 7, 2008 1:53PM EDT

Hi, please sign this petition to help bring back The Riches! And pass it on!!

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Sep 7, 2008 1:57PM EDT

Please sign this petition to bring back the best show ever~~The Riches! Pass it on as well ,please!

p.s im Ruby in Tx on the petition

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