Week 7: The Heat is On

It's official, families who are either certifiably insane or hate hot bartenders cause heartbreak for their daughters.

Last week on The Bachelor, Brad struggled between eliminating Sheena who's mom was frighteningly nuts and ready to buy the ring for Brad, and eliminating Bettina who's family thought Brad was a lowlife drunk for owning bars and not having a college education.

But lucky for us and Brad's future at having a few months of happiness with one of the final two women, now both scary hometown date women are gone.

So it's down the the battle of the brunettes and two ladies who both caught Brad's eye early on and have had a hold on him ever since.

It seems like Jenni could be the obvious choice since she got the first impression rose and the first kiss, and they've had chemistry since the beginning.

But haven't they also made DeAnna and obvious choice with their strong connection and attraction since the beginning as well? Oh I'm so torn between who should be heartbroken first!

Or hey, maybe this bachelor couple will last... you, um, never know. Brad is pretty sincere and set on whatever woman he chooses being happy to move to Austin with him. Which may be an issue with Jenni since she has to spend a year in Phoenix following her dream of dancing in a short skirt around big muscular football players.

The heat is on as these we have to wait two weeks as they drag this whole thing out another week with next week's Women Tell All special - oh claws coming out are always fun, so we can wait a week, but the anticipation it brings!

Best of luck, Brad... may the best woman win your heart and millions.


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