The Bachelor: The Women Tell All Special

This week brought us the always drama-filled The Bachelor's The Women Tell All Special!

There were really only one or two women left with a little anger towards Matt, when often there's more, so looks like he did a good job of keeping his charm about him even while dumping 23 women. Nice work.

Of course, the last to go, Amanda, was left with the most anger, though mostly she was just disappointed and looking for some answers from Matt, which she didn't get. She really wanted a reason he didn't pick her, but instead, he said he just felt stronger connections and better chances at love with the two remaining women. Hm, sorry Amanda, but I think that's actually a really logical and fair answer.

Luckily, Amanda is a nice woman who let out her anger during the rejection on the show, but not much in this special. It was a little funny, though, to hear Matt telling her it was always "like" with her, not "love." Considering the millions of times Amanda said "like," I think that's all she had for him!

The only other real moments of note were Matt coming out with his "David Beckham" haircut looking pretty good, Stacey the drunken underwear-giver showing to be a semi-classy nice girl, and Marshana lip sinking along to all her moments of attitude which apparently she remains proud of.

While Stacey proved to be much more of a lady than she showed to be on TV, Robyn showed that she really was her true self on the show. She wasn't nasty, but she wasn't afraid to say she wasn't there to be loved by the girls on the show, but by Matt, and that was that.

Really, it's just gotten old with all of these types of women. There are always those a little wild, some hated for their connection with the bachelor, some hated for being two-faced with the women vs. the bachelor, etc., etc.

Maybe it's time to do something different with The Bachelor after 10 seasons beyond just bring in a guy from another country, but hey, we'll see how this one works out in next week's finale first.

I think it's really a toss up between Shayne and Chelsea at this point. Chelsea really came through last week with her last minute reconnection with Matt, while Shayne held onto her good connection reasonably well, except for proving she may not have enough of a brain for him.

Don't forget to check out the big Bachelor finale next Monday as the ladies go to London then we see who Matt proposes to! Can't wait for the guy to actually pick someone this season!

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