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Ever wonder how to say sorry? Salvage a wet cell phone? Tell someone you're pregnant? The world of TV was full of good suggestions this week, and we've got them all in our Top Moments.

12. Least Surprising Return: A team of French castaways on Lost discover a man adrift on a raft - and, unbeknownst to them, adrift in time. A quick flip-over reveals him to be... Jin, brought back to life after a mere four episodes. Fortunately Lost has a legitimate surprise in store: One of the French crew is a young Rousseau.

11. Owning-It Award: Tired of the whisperings across West Bev about her personal beeswax, 90210's Adrianna takes to the school's television announcement system to announce that yes, she is pregnant - by "immaculate conception." This is totally how Eva Longoria should handle all that baby talk.

10. Best Excuse: There's a problem in Bachelor-land: Jason wants to know if, in lieu of their planned night on the town, Melissa can just come over to his house and hang out. It seems that despite Jason's best efforts to put his son down to bed, the 4-year-old just can't sleep - maybe because of a camera crew hiding in his closet.

9. Most Bittersweet Closure: In a trippy, consciousness-melding sequence, Fringe finally answers the question of whether Agent John Scott (Mark Valley) is alive or dead. Not only does Olivia exorcise her demon in the tank with a symbolic gunshot to the heart, but Nina Sharp, Massive Dynamic's creepy grande dame, verifies that John is indeed dead - just as Olivia figures out he was one of the good guys.

8. Worst Treatment of a Corpse: Poor Phil Adams. The Closer's vic-of-the-week has already suffered a mortifying death, having shoehorned his obese self into the trunk of a sedan, where he suffocated. But then crime-scene screw-ups cause the overstuffed trunk to be cleaved by a telephone pole and crushed by a plummeting transformer. "It was like popping a zit," notes Tao.

7. Worst Demon-stration of Brotherly Love: Nothing pains a Supernatural fan more than seeing the Winchesters have at each other, but the boys really went at it when a siren took control to pit brother against brother. We want to think we've seen the last of such sibling rivalry, but suspect the worst is yet to come.

6. Best Advice: For her Grammy special, Katie Couric sits down with rapper Lil Wayne, who disarmingly addresses her as Miss Katie. After some light chat, she tries to get him to concede that his recreational consumption of cough syrup and "medicinal" marijuana use - just for migraines! - might make him a poor role model. "If you need an example for how to live, then you just shouldn't have been born," he says. But seriously, kids: Look at Lil Wayne. He's proof that drugs may cause facial tattoos and a real gravelly voice.

5. Weirdest Meld of Serious and Tabloid News: TMZ catches up with Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., and chats with him about would-be Health and Human Services nominee Tom Daschle's failure to report a free car and driver as income. Yes, this really happened. After years of complaints about celebrity news creeping into serious news shows, we're excited to see serious news creeping into celebrity news shows. Sure,TMZ only ran the segment to make fun of Burr for driving a convertible in a snow storm, but there was substance here. And a great Burr-brrrr joke.

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Large good to be queen

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Feb 7, 2009 5:22AM EST

A scientific study of the benefit of marijuana for migraines recently came to a screeching halt when it was discovered the entire grant budget had been allocated to corn chips, burritoes, and ho-hos.
Seriously, I think there were whispers about a study being proposed, but it hasn't been able to get approval yet. I have a difficult time believing it would work as pupil dialation that comes with smoking it would be counter-intuitive to the light-sensitivity that comes with migraines. If it did work, like it works for some patients with cancer or MS, it would be preferable to have natural over artificial narcotics.
But this sounded like an excuse, anyway.
As for Lost, the Jin reveal would have been more effective if they didn't have his name in the credits for several episodes (like they did with Michael last season). The French reveal was pretty great, though.


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Feb 9, 2009 11:34AM EST

I really don't think they should let certain ppl speak without cue cards...."If you need an example for how to live, then you just shouldn't have been born," o_O Hello, of course kids need examples and role models for how to live because at first they have no idea what the hell they're doing and they need guidance....
This may be the reason that Lil' Wayne thinks marijuana is good for migraines....Yes! In order for me to conquer an aliment that his painful to the point where I am no longer productive, I will take drugs that will make me equally, if not more so, unproductive....and I'm sorry, but I thought men didn't get migraines to begin with, but I may be mistaken...oye

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