The Constant: Time Is On Your Side

Spoilers included!

Last night's episode of Lost, "The Constant," has earned a spot in my top 5 best Lost episodes!

So far this season has been excellent and certainly up to Lost standards of having us on the edge of our seats, but also the first 4 episodes all followed the formula of following what was happening in the future to one of the Oceanic 6.

So, the same was expected for this week which looked like it would focus on Desmond. And well, the Desmond part was correct, but what we discovered was not that he was a member of the Oceanic 6.

Instead, we discovered another thrillingly bizarre mystery of the island... something is up with the way time works and is perceived on the island. And something's definitely up with major time confusion if you don't get on and off the island just right.

Desmond appeared in his features off the island not as a flash forward or flashback, but as something that was happening in his mind right then - time travel. Yes, indeed. And the dangerous kind that can make your brain blow up - if you don't have a constant.

So Desmond spent the episode switching back and forth between himself in 1996 in the army, and in 2004 on the boat. He was told by Daniel over the satellite phone that he had to find go find Daniel in 1996 (awesome!) where Daniel told him he had to find a constant in both times - and of course this led to more awesomeness - Desmond FINALLY talking to Penny!!

Now what will this mean? Well, first this means for some reason, things changed over the years between them so that Penny not only cared about Desmond, but loves him and has been searching for him for 3 years - and now she says she will find him. But this is still definitely not Penny's boat.

So we're still left to see what these people on the boat want. And now we know Desmond is okay because he made Penny his constant in both times, so he'll probably stay there, but will there keep meaning the boat? And what will these boat people do now?

Until next time, Losties!


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