Going for the Oscar: Survivor China brings on another Johnny Fairplay?

Let the weeping and breakdowns begin! It's family week on Survivor: China!

As usual for Survivor, near the end the survivors get the treat of a family member showing up to "visit" and do a reward challenge with them, the prize being spending some time with the family member.

On Survivor: Pearl Islands, "Johnny Fairplay" showed his true colors when his best friend came and told him that Johnny's grandma had died.

But, as it turns out, it was just a huge pre-planned trick to get whoever won the challenge to pick him to spend time with his friend and also to get sympathy from the other survivors to hopefully put him ahead in the game.

Now this season, Todd, who's clearly a very smart and manipulative player, had his sister show up and tell him that his other younger sister miscarried, but they were alright with this since she's so young, but of course sad.

So was this another Survivor history moment of major manipulation?

Erik sure thought so! But, as much as I dearly love the (now eliminated) sexy and very sweet survivor, Todd doesn't really seem that extreme in his manipulation. Sure, he's tricky, but he's not a nasty person... right?

But now we've lost dear Erik, so it looks like the rest of the survivors are sticking with trusting Todd over Erik the underdog! Since the merge, Erik and Peih-Gee have had targets on their back, but kept avoiding the vote... until now. So Peih-Gee is going to really need to keep up with her sudden multiple wins in the immunity challenges if she wants to stay in.

It should definitely be interesting to see, either once they vote out Peih-Gee or if she keeps winning immunity, what their next move will be. With an alliance between Amanda, Todd, Courtney, and Denise, everyone seems to think their plan would be to pick off Denise first out of that bunch.

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