Premiere: Double the Trouble?

Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants has begun!

It's going for major girl drama, but it looks like these girls are reasonably mature and in control.

In other words, they'll spend the first weeks just saying nasty things behind each others' backs.

It sounds corny and shallow, and okay, it doesn't escape all this considering it's a competition show with a bunch of women pitted against each other.

And no, it doesn't matter that half of them are middle-aged mothers who should know better. In fact, I'm pretty sure the first catfight is going to be between a few of the protective mamas.

On the premiere last night, it was interesting to see just who these mother-daughter couples would be and why they were there. Some of them are the typical beautiful and ditzy beauty queens (plus a beautiful ditzy mother beauty queen), but some, like those who dubbed themselves the "Dream Girls" in last night's first elimination competition, are actually... real people.

Yes, they're still pretty and have talent to share that measures up to beauty pageant standards, but they're ready to kick butt with their cuteness and personalities over being the "Blonde Bombshells" who memorize lines to say methodically perfectly in sync. Or the "Redhead Bombshells" (pictured above) who well, are just scary.

The ladies who thought they could win the judges over with their shiny smiles and hot bodies were definitely given a reality check when they were put through the first elimination round which was to come up with a team name, dress, and present themselves as their first impression to show who they are as a team and as individuals.

While some of them majorly bombed from being totally shallow and unimpressive, others definitely impressed with their personality and style, the top being the previously mentioned Dream Girls.

But though the Blonde Bombshells were on the chopping block, they were given another chance for the potential they have... which doesn't seem to really be there as much as the judges say, but hey, we'll see. Instead, the "Reigning A's" from New Mexico were shot down for not making much of an impression at all.

So the season will continue with the typical beauty queens still in place vs. those there to prove what they've got inside and out... aw. While it seemed like this show would be pretty predictable with just the usual pageant girls fighting and competing, the plan to toss moms into the ring to mix things up and with the mix of teams chosen, it seems like Crowned will actually be a fun watch and maybe even just a little bit addictive!

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