Flood: Coming this Weekend!

It's coming! The 4-hour television event, Flood, comes to the ION Network for RHI Movie Weekend this Sunday, December 16th.

And it's the big one. In this mini-series presentation, London will discover what happens when the mother of all storms comes their way after hitting Scotland.

Weather experts scramble to figure out what to do, realizing London's Thames Barrier is far from able to cut it with a gigantic tidal surge, a combination of the storm and high tide, comes directly at central London.

More...The dark and scary storm and suspense enhanced by perfectly dramatic music combines with character storylines including that of the head of engineering Rob Morrison (played by Robert Carlyle) sent to check on the Thames Barrier as the storm becomes worrisome, and his ex-wife Sam (played by Jessalyn Gilsig) who is the Director of Operations for the Barrier.

Though it's made clear earlier with a not-so-sweet family moment that Rob has some major issues with his father, it's quickly discovered that his dad, professor in meteorology Leonard Morrison (played by Tom Courtenay), has predicted this giant storm for years, which is the work that led to his estrangement from his family for so long.

With the set up of these main characters' situations along with those of a father and son separated from the mother already hit by the storm in Scotland, a pair of Thames Barrier crew members, and of course the entire weather and military team holed up trying to save the city, the storm bears down on London and the drama ensues!

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