'Glee' May Get Early Season 2 Greenlight! - Featured

Fans of "Glee" have reason to sing: Fox is seriously mulling the idea of giving Ryan Murphy's musical masterpiece an early season two renewal.

While not quite the no-brainer that renewing "American Idol" would be, it's been clear for weeks that "Glee" is on track to return for a second season. Its ratings are strong, the buzz is huge -- and it hasn't even moved behind "Idol" yet.

What's newsworthy here is that Fox is might greenlight "Glee" up much earlier than usual in the normal network timetable. Most shows don't get the nod for a second season until May, just before upfronts. Every so often, if a show's a big hit, networks might greenlight a second season in February or March.

January pickups of new shows, however, don't happen too often. One big exception came back in 2007, when then-NBC Entertainment boss Kevin Reilly -- looking to claim some Nielsen momentum -- gave a January pickup to its then-hot "Heroes" during the TV Critics Assn. press tour. (Reilly now heads Fox Entertainment).

There'd be plenty of benefits from Fox showing its love for "Glee" earlier than usual.

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Jan 9, 2010 2:30AM EST

nice! more Glee time for Gleeks like myself! :)

Default avatar cat
Jan 9, 2010 9:39PM EST

masterpiece? that made me chuckle. don't get me wrong, i actually enjoy glee and find it to be quite an entertaining show. the actors are all without a doubt fantastic singers, even though most of the numbers are the result of autotuned hyper-production (in spite of which i STILL enjoy the show). bottom line, i'm the only straight male i know who openly admits to watching glee, let alone liking it.
but to call this show a "masterpiece" is pretty much an insult to television. glee, while admittedly quite amusing, is a far cry from the great shows of present or past in terms of writing, character development, plot development, originality, etc. nothing that comes out of the characters mouths sounds organic, and every decision they make is absolutely nonsensical and serves only as a transparent vehicle for the plot line. all the characters are extremely one-note and each have one defining personality trait/social flaw (though of course, deep down, theyre all good people). and while i understand the argument that all the campy dialogue and general corniness is ostensibly purposeful and self-aware, that doesn't make it good writing. i know this show comes in the wake of turbo-popular "high school musical", but would it be impossible to write a teen musical program that doesn't treat its audience like idiots? good music AND good writing, is that too much to ask for?
look, i like the show too, but give appropriate credit where its due and don't praise it as some sort of gift from the television deities. and please forgive me if this post comes off as overly antagonistic; that is not my intent.

Jan 10, 2010 10:46AM EST

i am 150% a Gleek :)

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