Golden Boys: And I Will Always Love You...

To really plug its new drama, New Amsterdam, FOX is giving us an overload of new episodes. And it's awesome!

The pilot on Tuesday night was excellent, though not entirely convincing that it'd be the next big hit. But last night's 2nd episode, Golden Boy, seems like one to secure its spot as the newest must-see.

In the pilot, we got an overview of John Amsterdam's past and why he's immortal and searching for "the one" (more).

Last night's episode focused on what appears to have been his nearest brush with the one, back in the 1940's when he fell for Lily Brown, a black woman who's father and the 1940's society didn't approve of for each other.

But as we learned before these flashbacks, this romance brought John a child: Omar. Yes, the guy running the bar where John just seemed to like to hang out with this trusted old friend. Very, very cool!

Giving John a 65-year-old son was a great move to emphasize John's immortality and make it even more fascinating.

Plus the element of just plain knowing a woman isn't "the one" because he doesn't get older or have chest pains around her. But it seems he can fall in love, but it always has been, and always will be, bittersweet since he can't grow old with them, and these women will always know they aren't the one for him.

It seems New Amsterdam will have a great mix of the case John's working on and his quest for the one plus flashbacks of his previous years. It's also appreciated that some explanations are given along the way here as we saw him last night making various new birth certificates for himself over the years, giving himself new dates and places of birth and last names.

New Amsterdam, you have me hooked!

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New Amsterdam: And I Will Always Love You...


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