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Burn Notice, the hottest show last summer returns for its second season continuation with 7 all new episodes on Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 10/9c.

BURN NOTICE is a sexy action-packed series starring Jeffrey Donovan ("Changeling") as Michael Westen, a blacklisted spy who finds himself stranded in sun-soaked Miami without money, resources, or a clue as to who burned him, or why. The only tools at his disposal are his wits, his charm, his special ops training and his "friends:" Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar - "The Tudors"), a beautiful ex-IRA operative who also happens to be Michael's ex-girlfriend, and Sam (Bruce Campbell - "Evil Dead"), a washed-up military intelligence contact who works as Michael's sidekick, and his mother (Emmy Award-winner Sharon Gless - "Queer as Folk"), who Michael has spent most of his adult life trying to avoid.

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For Burn Notice's big return, we have some spy-tastic stuff to giveaway, so to enter to win, comment on this post describing your favorite Michael Westen spy move or moment!

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| 18:45 EST, 13 Feb, 2009
My favorite "moment" may have been the episode where he plays a physically and mentally weak bio-techie to take down drug smugglers. Either that or the time he had to convince on of the russian mob members both that he was legit mafia as well as that somehow the cia was holding both of the. It was some great stuff. Love Burn Notice, and love side reel! Keep up the good work!
| 18:06 EST, 12 Feb, 2009
My favorite moment was when he said "the biggest cause of weight gain among spies are stake outs"
| 13:29 EST, 08 Feb, 2009
My favorite moment would have to be when he teaches the little boy how fight off bullies at school. It was early in the first season.
| 14:36 EST, 07 Feb, 2009
By far my favorite moment was only recently when Sam and Michael play "Who talks first" with the two scam artists. Sheer brilliance and it totally serves to legitimize both Sam and Mike's former lives as spies.
| 01:23 EST, 07 Feb, 2009
I think Michael's best move is really shown in each episode: how he plans and can adapt to situations he's put into. I really enjoyed the explanation of uniforms in "Hot Spot"-how, while they also make people stand out, they can give the idea that there are many people in the group. I thought it was cool that Michael stood up for the girl's brother and that the brother stood up for his little sister, instead of being afraid.
| 06:38 EST, 06 Feb, 2009
I'd say the make shift X-ray machine definitely was one of my favorite, "Holly Crap that's cool!" moments.
| 00:40 EST, 06 Feb, 2009
My favorite moment was when Michael broke in for the first time in season one. He just acted like he owned the place, went and got some yogurt from the fridge and then got the files from the safe. It was so practical. None of the usual spy stuff where you skulk around trying to avoid the guards and using fancy equipment. It allows us to think that anyone could aspire to being a spy. Thanks Michael!
| 01:28 EST, 04 Feb, 2009
I have seen all of season one and have just embarked on season two; Burn Notice is an amazing show. Classic Michael Weston moments include melting through the engine block with thermite, using the vibrator to dismantle the optical bug, and whenever he states and proves that walls are not secure as doors! Above everything else though, what facinates me the most is his unyielding love for YOGURT; I too am a big fan. I am so lucky to have found this show!
| 07:47 EST, 03 Feb, 2009
Definitely the make shift x-ray machine!
| 09:44 EST, 01 Feb, 2009
My favorite Michael Weston moment... wow, I really don't know. I like most of his gadgets that he makes. I guess my favorite one was when he used thermite to melt through the engine block of the car thieves.
| 23:32 EST, 29 Jan, 2009
Michael Westen is an amazing character with so many different levels that make me want to continue watching the show. i have to say my favorite Michael moment is when he and Fiona are searching the apartment for bugs and they continue a fake conversation which Fiona leads into a conversation about their previous relationship. This scene continues on until they find the optical bug and tape a vibrator to the window to get rid of the bug. I found it so funny and amusing to watch.
| 22:08 EST, 29 Jan, 2009
Love Michael's fake personas and the way he executes each one. I liked the whiny safe-cracker best; it was so convincing!
| 02:08 EST, 28 Jan, 2009
I love it when he is texting under the table without looking, so that he can notify fiona they they were approaching. I know the show is filled with tons of cool everyday object turn killing machine, but i think that the texting scene is something that everyone would love to be able to master. Something that would seem really easy and useful, but difficult to master.
| 00:24 EST, 26 Jan, 2009
I also just love that fact that he actually gets injurred sometimes so unlike most spy shows/movies.
| 00:23 EST, 26 Jan, 2009
I love the episode when he uses the tazer as a xray... its just amazing the things he comes up with. I also really like when he booby traps his own door in season one.
| 11:48 EST, 25 Jan, 2009
My favorite moments are how he can use parts from a cell phone to come up with whatever he needs at the moment. Ingenious.
| 17:20 EST, 24 Jan, 2009
Yes, I also liked the episode where Michael pretended to be a fellow captured prisoner to convince the bad guy to be his ally, while Sam played the role of interrogator. Very cool!
| 23:35 EST, 23 Jan, 2009
My favorite Michael Westin moment is when he is describing how you have to be so careful because being a spy depends so much on stealth and not being detected (while looking for car parts in his moms garage) and she busts him for the poker party with the ladies..!!!!
| 03:24 EST, 23 Jan, 2009
Have watched every episode from day one...probably twice. One of my new fave scenes is actually from the last episode so I'll keep it topical: The one where Fiona's trying to relate to the young kid by playing soldiers with him...and then explaining to the kid what each of the weapons are and what they're good for and depending on their range where the soldiers would be hiding... well, it's kinda touching.
| 00:11 EST, 23 Jan, 2009
My favorite moment is when Michael keeps trying to get in touch with his old government handler, Dan Siebels, who will not accept his calls. Deciding to get creative, Michael resorts to mailing Siebels a fake bomb in order to get his attention. That BALLsy!
| 23:45 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
my favorite moment is when micheals mom calls him saying its an emergency and its only over an old coffee maker.I don't think I could deal with a mom like that and being trapped in the same city as her without a thing I could do to get out on my own time table!
| 23:31 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
Best Spy Moment: No fancy tools, tricks or fight scenes. Best spy moment for me was when he walked into his mom's house and knew that Carla had been there because the coffee machine was fixed. Great writing like that keeps me coming back for more.
| 20:59 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
Burn Notice is the best show!!!!!!!! My favorite scene is the last scene of the most recent episode when Michael is being chased by Carla on motorcycle. I loved how Michael slid under the 18-wheeler, waved, and escaped. He's really got nerve. I love it! A minute later when he returned to his apartment, the leap over the railing when his apartment blew up was an unbelievable ending. He knew i was going to blow but he opens the door anyway. He's got a fearlessness to him too!
| 20:54 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
I think my favorite part was in Comrades, not only because he managed to convince the kidnapper that they were on the same side, but also the very simple and effective fabrication of an entire organization.
| 18:40 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
Favorite move/moment was when "Perry Clark" comes to Michael's loft and tries to choke him to death with the garrote - Michael flips them both on their backs & yanks a gun out from under the sink (taped with duct tape) to shoot him. Excellent fight scene!
| 16:25 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
Although there are a lot of really cool technical things that Michael does (with cell phones mostly), I think the most entertaining thing he did was when he pretended to be captured along with a criminal who he actually captured in order to get information from him.
| 11:40 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
Haha, everything Michael Weston does is awesome. He's a spy! He knows how to do things that most of us dream about at night! He is an expert marksman, he can find little things and make them into tools or gadgets, and he is a complete all around bad ass! Weston's antics are completely awesome to watch and i enjoyed watching it every week to learn how to do crazy spy stuff. Weston is just the character to watch!
| 10:35 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
I love Burn Notice, because the Michael Weston character makes a great instructional narrator. The narrative Michael Weston gives the audience a clear an concise understanding of how to perform particular tasks. I've enjoyed each of these narrative instructions; they bring synergy to the action of the show. The best example of this instructional narration is when Weston explains how to get rid of an unwanted drug dealer, living in an apartment behind his. Weston explains how most people with metal doors do not reinforce the connecting walls, making the metal door's value useless. The Weston character proves this by shooting the drug deal from behind the wall.
| 01:17 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
I love usa network and the shows it puts out. Burn Notice is at the top of the list along with psych and monk. My favorite moment is when he and Fiona team up with all that sexual tension. These two are great.
| 00:19 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
I genuinely love Burn Notice, mostly because Michael always seems to solve problems in ways that appeal to common sense. With that in mind, my favorite moment would have to be when Michael gets away from would be pursuers by driving backwards through a tree line, rather than forwards, which would set off the air bags in his borrowed cadillac. Very smart move Michael, very smart move indeed.
| 23:48 EST, 21 Jan, 2009
My favorite moment is when he used a butter knife to form modified brass knuckles to knock out the foreign assassin.
| 23:20 EST, 21 Jan, 2009
I love his "biggest cause of weight gain among spies is stakeouts" and his describing good hiding places, i now go around my house and think about hiding things in weird places.
| 19:32 EST, 21 Jan, 2009
My favorite moment in the show would be when, in the episode Double Booked, Michael has to kill Larry with a sniper. Im really a big fan of snipers and i think that moment was really big to prove how hard it would be in the future for Michael to rely on amateurs to take down dangers people, like Larry.
| 19:23 EST, 21 Jan, 2009
Burn Notice is a great show, I would have to say my favorite Michael Weston moment was when he shot the drug dealer who lived behind him in the leg by shooting through the wall after buying a couple simple things at the hardware store. A stud finder to find the weak spot, duct tape to square of the location and then turning his gun into a sliencer.

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